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How to keep your Smart Office Wear Looking Bright like New- Ironing

You need to look your best for work – find out how to keep your smart office clothes in great condition with these washing and ironing tips!


How to Wash, Iron and Care for Office Clothes | Cleanipedia

If you want to make a good impression at work, wearing stained, faded, wrinkled or creased clothing is certainly not the way to do it. On the other hand, bright, ironed clothes, and a smart, well-put-together appearance not only shows that you care about the way you look, but it also will give the impression that you are confident and prepared for the job.

To remove rust stain left by the bottom of an iron or a coffee stain from a meeting, pre-treat and wash clothes with Rin Bar before hand washing with Rin Powder.

How to Wash Office Clothes:

Given the fact that the fabric is usually more delicate and the colours can often fade, office clothes require extra care. Here are some tips to remember while doing the laundry:

Sort clothes. Office wear requires special attention and washing it separately might help. Make sure that you separate knitted wear from pieces of cotton and white clothes from dark ones beforehand.

Turn clothes inside out. Turning clothes inside out is a good idea to ensure that clothes stay in shape even while washing.

Remove stains: Be it a coffee stain from a meeting, or an oil stain while eating lunch. First, remove spot stains with Rin Bar before soaking clothes in the bucket.

Wash in cold water. Use cold water while washing delicate fabrics and darker colours to prevent the fabric from losing shape or running colour. Wash with Rin Detergent Powder or Rin Refresh Powder for clothes that smell great and look bright like new.

Dry clothes in the open. Make sure clothes are dried out in the open. Avoid direct sunlight, dry inside out, and place in the shade to prevent dark coloured clothes from fading.

Taking these simple tips can ensure your clothes remain bright like new for longer.


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How to Iron Clothes

Of course, not everyone has the time to spend ironing, but if you know how to do the task properly – the amount of time it takes can be hugely reduced. So, from the benefits of steam ironing to how to iron clothes quickly, we’ve put together some ironing tips to help you look and feel confident in the workplace.

How to Iron Clothes: Fabric

Whether you’re ironing shirts, trousers, or a knitted sweater – how to iron the garment will always depend on the type of material it’s made from. Read the care label beforehand for instructions but just remember the same rules apply for ironing as they generally do for washing. For instance, delicate materials like silk can easily be damaged, so, you should take care and iron them on the lowest setting. On the other hand, durable materials like cotton or denim can withstand a higher level of heat.

If you’re unsure what temperature to set your iron, always start on a low setting and then gradually increase. For extra crumpled clothes, try using a starch spray just before ironing – this can often make the job much easier.

How to Iron Clothes When you’re short on Time

If you’re too busy or keep forgetting to iron your clothes, here are a few ways to help reduce the amount of ironing your laundry will need:

1) Use a high- performance laundry detergent

A product like Rin Matic is specially designed for use in the washing machine, so it’ll leave your laundry bright like new and far less wrinkled than hand washing.

2) Invest in a steam iron

Steam ironing is a faster and more efficient way of ironing, helping you glide through creases easily. However, remember that not all types of material can be ironed using steam.

3) Hang after washing

Avoid leaving your laundry to linger in the machine – instead, hang it on the line or up to dry on hangers and the creases will soon drop out.

4) Fold and store neatly

Don’t just put your clothes back in a random pile – properly fold or hang them in wardrobes and drawers. When the time comes for you to wear something, you’ll find it’s far less creased!

5) Use fabric softener

A softening aid will help to prevent laundry from coming out crinkled. (Always read the clothing care label to find out whether it’s suitable for the fabric)

Key Steps:

  1. Wash all delicate and dark coloured office wear in cold water.
  2. Spend some time sorting clothes into piles according to the fabric before ironing.
  3. Hang your clothes on a hanger instead of folding to help creases drop out.

There you have it – just a few ways you can make ironing an easy part of your laundry routine. For more tips, check how the rest of our articles on how to wash and care for clothes.

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