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How to keep your Sportswear Clean, Fresh & Bright like New

How to keep your Sportswear Clean, Fresh & Bright like New

Find out how to wash sneakers and sportswear with this handy guide – it's full of advice on keeping your workout clothes super clean and fresh!

Whether you are a keen runner or you prefer a gentler mode of exercise, it can be difficult to keep sports shoes and sportswear clean and in good condition – especially during the summer where you are likely to sweat more than usual, or during the monsoon months when they are bound to get muddy.

So, whether you’d like to know how to wash shoes or remove stubborn sweat stains – read on to find out how to keep your sportswear looking new and smelling fresh.

Can You Wash Shoes?

Chances are your sports shoes could do with freshening up (even everyday walking can result in smelly odours forming inside shoes) – yet many people are unsure how to wash sneakers or if you can wash shoes in the machine. After a few walks in the park, your two-week-old shoes can start looking like they are two years old!

The good news is that many modern pairs of sports shoes are made of a material that is durable enough to withstand hand washing as well as a wash in the washing machine, and Rin detergents can help keep them clean and fresh with (or without) a washing machine.

Follow these instructions for washing shoes!

Step 1:

Remove shoelaces and wash them separately. (You can wash these in the machine too – however, removing them will prevent everything from getting tangled).

Step 2:

Remove dried-on mud or dirt with a soft-bristled brush. If your shoes are particularly grubby on the outside, use a mixture of laundry detergent and warm water to do this – Rin Detergent Bar is ideal as it is specially formulated to remove stubborn dirt.

Step 3:

Read the manufacturer’s instructions – if shoes are machine washable, place them inside a mesh laundry bag and wash on a cool cycle. Wash your shoelaces in the same way. If shoes are not machine washable, wash them in a bucket full of cool water for best results.

Step 4:

To dry, insert newspaper into the shoes to absorb moisture and leave somewhere warm and airy.

Here's how to wash shoes by hand:

How to Wash Workout Clothes

Now that you know washing shoes is easier than you thought, what about the clothes you wear on your body? Well, the main thing to consider is that sportswear is often designed to absorb body odour and sweat – so this means it’ll absorb detergent in different ways too. Consequently, you’ll need to be careful about how you wash certain types of material. You should always read the care label off on the garment first, and wash in the machine according to the instructions, but here are a few extra steps to keep in mind…

Step 1:

Don’t leave smelly sports gear lingering in the washing basket – wash it as soon as you can to prevent odours settling.

Step 2:

Pre-treat particularly smelly items by soaking them first in a mixture of cool water and a small amount of Rin Powder – just read the directions on the label for the correct dosage. This can help eliminate odours.

Step 3:

Turn inside out and place in the machine on a cool cycle.

Step 4:

Use a high-performance laundry detergent like Rin Refresh Powder to leave clothes smelling super fresh and looking bright like new.

Step 5:

Don’t use fabric softener on sportswear. There’s no need to worry about making sportswear soft – in fact, the softener can prevent breathable sportswear fabrics from maintaining this quality.

So there you have it – as long as you wash your sports gear regularly and with the right products, there’s no reason they won’t last the distance. For more advice on how to wash clothes, check out the rest of our laundry articles.

Key Steps:

  • Use a soft bristled brush to clean shoes and remove dirty stains.
  • Place in a mesh laundry bag if washing in the machine.
  • Avoid using fabric softener or excess detergent on absorbent material.

Top Tip

If you’re running or cricket whites are looking a little grey, use a product like Rin Detergent Powder for a perfectly clean and an extra brightening effect! Just follow the directions on the label for the best results.