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tips on keeping clothes clean & bright

Are your clothes looking yellow & dull? This article is full of tips on keeping clothes clean & bright like new during the summer.


tips on keeping clothes clean & bright

It’s hard enough to keep clothes looking clean and in good condition – but during the summer months, it can seem almost impossible. Due to the heat and humidity, you might find white shirts and blouses start to yellow more easily, and with the dust and pollution in the air, even new, bright clothes can appear faded and dull within no time.

If you want to know how to whiten white shirts, or simply keep your new clothes look brighter for longer – read on our tips to getting your clothes looking their best.

After washing your work clothes with a detergent like Rin Powder dry your clothes in direct sunlight for an extra brightening boost!

How to Wash White Clothes

When it comes to washing white clothes, many people forget the basics. Here are a few essential tips for washing whites!


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1) Separate and sort!

It’s no use washing your whites with colours – even light blues or greys – as they may likely to bleed or transfer. Instead, gather all your white clothes and wash them in a separate load.

2) If washing in a machine, wash on the hottest temperature the fabric will allow.

Although a cool wash is good for delicate, it’s not as efficient at brightening white clothes. If the care label says it is suitable for the fabric, wash on a higher temperature instead.

3) Ensure your washing machine or washing bucket is clean.

Dirty appliances can often affect how clean our laundry comes out, so if a garment is white, it will show up even more. In order to maintain its good condition, remember to clean your washing machine every now and again.

4) Use a brightening detergent.

If you’ve ever wondered how to wash white shirts with bleach – you might be surprised to hear that a high-performance laundry detergent might do the job just as well. A product like Rin Detergent Powder is specially formulated to power through dirt and leave clothes super bright – ideal if you find your white clothes often look dull or bright clothes fading colour! Remember to read the care label first.

Removing Stains on Cuff and Collars

As well as knowing how to whiten white shirts, the most common problem with clothes is getting rid of stains on the cuffs and collars! Usually caused by sweat, dirt, make-up, or perfume – these stains can usually be removed by pre-treating the area before the wash.

To do so, simply apply a high-quality detergent like Rin Bar, specially formulated for tough spot stain removal to the affected area and leave to soak in for a while. Then, wash in the machine or with hands as normal in a way that is best suited to the fabric. If the stain is still visible, try soaking the item in diluted dishwashing detergent – this type of product is designed to get out grease and oil, which is usually the cause of yellowing stains.

Key Steps:

  1. Separate colours to prevent dye from transferring.
  2. Use a detergent specially formulated to keep whites white and bright clothes really bright.
  3. Pre-treat stains on cuffs and collars.

There you have it – just a few ways to keep your clothes in good condition during the summer months! For more tips on how to wash your clothes, check out the rest of our laundry articles.

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