How to take care of your expensive designer clothes to make them last longer

As much as we love decking up in the nicest of clothes, we also want them to last forever. It is important to handle these expensive clothes with care so that they don’t get damaged or look worn out.


How to Take Care of Your Designer Clothes

These 3 tips will ensure that your festive clothes last longer.

Wash less:

Festive clothes should not be washed frequently to avoid harsh chemical reactions and colour fading. This will also help you save up on dry-cleaning costs.

Wash dark clothes inside out:

Save your favourite dark-coloured garments from fading by washing them inside out. The same goes for t-shirts – it will prevent the print from cracking or fading.

Use good quality hangers:

Use wooden hangers instead of plastic or wire hangers. Low quality hangers can stretch out the shoulders of your garments and leave you with saggy clothing.

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