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How to Wash Laundry by Hand: 7 Hand Washing Steps

Sometimes the best way to make sure your laundry is bright and clean is to wash it by hand! Find out how to wash your laundry by hand here!


How to Hand-Wash your Clothes | Cleanipedia

The way you wash your clothes by hand is identical to what a machine does during a wash cycle! Follow these 7 hand washing tips to ensure your clothes are just as bright and white after a hand washes as they would be in a machine. Read on to find out how to wash the laundry by hand.

The easiest way to ensure your clothes come out bright and white from a hand wash is to use an effective detergent. Try Rin the next time you do your wash, no matter what the colour!

1) Decide whether your clothes need to be hand washed

Remember that clothes that say “Dry Clean Only” can generally be hand washed as well. Washing with hands also does wonders for delicate and expensive clothing, especially office wear. If you have spot stains, you can remove them effectively to return the brightness of your clothes by hand washing with a Rin Bar.


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2) Load separation

Once you decide to hand wash laundry, begin by separating clothes according to whites, colours, darks, and dirties. We recommend including delicate in the whites wash because the warmer temperatures are more effective at removing the oils that come with having close contact with our skin.

3) Treat stains first

If any clothes need special treatment, such as collars, cuffs, or armpits, use a spot treatment to give it extra attention. Use lukewarm or cold water for organic stains, while warm or hot water works best for dirt and oils. The Rin Bar is great for scrubbing and giving the areas a dose of concentrated detergent at the same time. For white clothes, add bleach like Rin Ala to water followed by some soaking for 20-30 minutes. Rinse the clothes and wash with Rin Detergent for better results.

4) Master the art of washing in a tub or sink

Fill your sink or tub with water and add Rin Powder. The temperature of the water you use should reflect what items you plan on washing. In general, choose warm or hot water for white items, and cool water for darker ones. If in doubt, read the instructions on the label of your detergent, or the washing instructions on the articles of clothing itself.

5) Soak & scrub

Place the garments in soapy water and soak for 10-15 minutes. In most cases, the dirt and oils you want to wash away will be lifted in about 5 minutes, so there is no need to leave your clothes to soak for an excessive amount of time, especially when using a detergent like Rin. Then, knead or swish the items in the water, just like a machine would! Lightly agitating the clothes will allow the dirt and oils to wash away from the clothes and into the dirty water.

6) Rinse with clean water

Drain the tub with the clothes still in it, and refill with clean water. Swish the clothes around again to rinse this time, and make sure all the items are loose. If any items are twisted or trapped, give them an extra swirl to ensure they won’t have any detergent residue.

7) Squeeze excess water and dry delicate flat

Gently squeeze excess water from garments as you take them out of the rinse bucket. Try to avoid twisting or otherwise stretching the fabrics as this could result in misshapen clothes! Take special care with delicate items, taking them out of the wash separately and allow them to dry flat.

There you have it! All that’s left to do is to finish drying – so with delicate items aside, follow the drying instructions on the care label. In general, the best option is to hang them over a clothesline or on hangers. If you dry your clothes outside in the sun, turn coloured and dark items inside out to avoid sun bleaching. In the case of whites, leaving them in the sun can actually increase their brightness. Use your best judgment!

The next time you’re wondering how to wash laundry by hand, simply refer to these 7 hand washing tips and wear your bright and white clothes with confidence!

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