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Is hard water making your clothes look dull? Here's how you can fix it

No matter where you stay, the lack of fresh water is a reality. With fewer and fewer water resources available, most of the house-holds in the country turn to bore well/ hard water extracted from the ground for secondary chores like washing clothes. As it turns out, the chemicals in this hard water often cause the colour of the clothes to fade and leave stains. But worry not; you can save your clothes!


How to Solve Hard Water Laundry Problems

There are easy ways around the problems caused by hard water:

Soak your clothes in warm water for an hour. It will make the stains loose for the detergent to wipe them off.

1) Tip 1

Put your clothes in the washing machine (separate coloured clothing from your whites), and fill the washing machine with warm water. Pour 2 cups of vinegar into the machine and allow the clothes to set in the solution for two hours.


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2) Tip 2

Wash the clothes for two complete cycles. Add a water-softening laundry detergent, such as Surf Excel Liquid, with your usual detergent powder according to the manufacturer’s directions.

3) Tip 3

Once the third cycle is complete, inspect the clothes for any more stains. If stains remain, repeat the entire process; otherwise, dry the clothes as you normally would, in the dryer.

4) Tip 4

The same process can be undertaken for your whites.

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