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Is your washing machine leaving white marks on your clothes? Here’s how you can fix it

Sometimes, after a wash cycle, you may notice white marks on your clothes. Don’t worry, it isn’t a damage that can’t be fixed.

You may have to rewash the load for effective cleaning. Keep these tips handy to fix the white marks.

1) Vinegar

Adding a cup of vinegar to the wash or rinse cycle can reduce the amount of residue left behind on your laundry which creates white stains on your clothes.

2) Soap Residue

Add the detergent to the machine while the water is filling. In case you use cold water, the detergent may not dissolve entirely, leaving white residue on the clothes. Remember to rinse your clothes thoroughly in such case. It is best to use the detergent drawer to add detergent.

3) Overloading

An excess load can also lead to the formation of white residue. So, wash in smaller loads and set your water level accordingly.

4) Fabric Softener

Regular, liquid fabric softeners also leave white residue marks on your clothes.
Use Comfort fabric softener for better cleaning.

Top Tip

If using cold water, consider a liquid detergent. Yet, in both cases, add the detergent to the water before the clothing.