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Are You Working From your Bedroom? Here’s How to Keep Your Bed Clean

If you are staying indoors for an extended period, there’s a good chance that you are working and also unwinding from your bedroom. So, there’s even more reason to keep your bed hygienically clean.


How to keep Your Bedroom Clean and Tidy | Cleanipedia

Clean bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets are a must if you want to enjoy a good sleep and a healthy living space. So, it’s important to deep-clean your bedding and regularly clean all high-touch surfaces. If you’re wondering how to deep clean your bedding, you’ve come to the right place.  

In this article, we share cleaning tips that will ensure your bed stays hygienic.

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1) Bed Sheets

You can wash bed sheets in your washing machine by following the temperature settings mentioned on the care label. Use warm water setting to wash bed sheets made of polyester fabric, while cold water setting is ideal for cotton. Some fabrics may need special washing or drying care, so it is best to check the care label. After the wash, hang your bed sheets on a clothesline in natural sunlight. Remember to wash dark and light colours separately. Make sure you wash your sheets with a good detergent like Rin Antibac. You can also use a Laundry Sanitizer available in market like Lifebuoy Laundry Sanitizer. Follow the usage instructions on the pack and first test on a small hidden area to check for compatibility. 

You can check out our article for more tips on keeping your duvets and bedsheets clean.

2) Pillows and Cushions

Unless the wash care label on your pillow and cushion says, ‘Dry Clean Only’, you can machine-wash them at home. Wash two pillows or cushions at a time to allow enough space for them to move around and get cleaned properly. Wash on a cold water setting on the shortest cycle by adding a cup of detergent. You can also toss your pillow and cushion covers in the same cycle. 


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3) Mattresses

If you are wondering how to clean a mattress, start by removing the mattress cover. You can toss it in the wash cycle along with your pillows. The next step is to vacuum your mattress thoroughly. Keep the windows open to allow ventilation. Then, vacuum the mattress again. You can also read our detailed article on steps on cleaning the mattress.

4) Blankets

You can wash your blankets in your washing machine on a cold water setting and a gentle wash cycle. For this, we suggest you use a mild detergent. This method works for wool, fleece as well as cotton blankets. Once washed, gently press to remove excess water and dry in partial shade. 

Also, remember to wash your hands with soap or use an alcohol-based sanitiser, such as those available from Lifebuoy, after touching any surface. 

These tips for a tidy bedroom will help keep your bed clean and cosy.

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