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Laundry and washing games: how to teach kids about washing clothes

Read about several laundry games and practical steps to get kids involved in laundry jobs, with washing clothes games that’ll make it fun and interesting.


How to Teach Your Kids to Wash Theis Own Clothes | Cleanipedia

When it comes to household chores any little help is appreciated, especially when you can get your kids involved. When you can do that not only will they be learning new skills, it’ll make your life easier too. It’s about finding ways to make it interesting and coming up with laundry games so they don’t even realise they’re doing chores. Here’s how you can teach your kids how to wash clothes in an engaging way.

Use laundry games to engage your children and make clothes washing fun. Start them young and make cleaning clothes interesting through washing clothes games, and by letting them take responsibility for some of the jobs, that’ll help you out too.

Super sorting laundry games

The laundry process begins with gathering up the clothes from around the house. Washing games like throwing dirty clothes into the laundry basket can make this task a fun activity. The kids can approach it like a basketball game and keep score of how many “baskets” they successfully slam-dunk. They’ll also learn about the importance of separating whites from coloured fabrics too.


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Hand washing clothes games

For those stains you need to treat by hand or those delicates you want to hand wash, you can make it fun by playing a few hand washing clothes games that are safe for children. Set up two bowls of soapy water next to each other, and the kids can wash their toys’ clothes with safe soap while you wash alongside with your specialist Surf excel products.

Whenever using a new cleaning product always test it on a small area first, take safety precautions and follow the instructions on the packaging. You can check the care labels on the garments together, to be sure you’re washing them in the correct way.

Machine washing clothes games

Something as simple as pressing buttons can make all the difference between a fun or dull laundry experience. Play safe machine washing clothes games like identifying the shapes and numbers on the dials. Turn on your favourite music and have a family dance party as the machine whirs away as your backing beat.

Matchy matchy laundry games

Matching up odd socks becomes fun when you set a timer and see who can fold the most pairs together in a set time. This is one of those laundry games that kids love because they get to exercise their competitive spirit.

Fun folding laundry games

There are certain laundry tasks that don’t lend themselves well to a timed competition, as you need a neat result rather than a rushed mess. Folding is one such activity. When all the clothes are dry and ready to put away, get the kids involved in folding by setting up a present-wrapping station. Ask them to come up with an invisible gift for each item of clothing, and then they get to “wrap” it as they fold up the clothes.

Even when the laundry games are over, doing the washing can become an enjoyable moment in your hectic lives when you get to spend a bit of quality time together. Use it as an opportunity to catch up on what’s happening and have a good chat. It’s a win-win for everyone, as you’ll get some much-needed help and all the family will have fun too.


  • Get your kids involved in washing early on.
  • Make it fun by creating games to get the job done.
  • Use those laundry games to develop key skills.
  • Let kids take responsibility for certain tasks.
  • Always keep detergents stored safely away from children.

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