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Amazing Machine-Washing Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Bright

With these effective laundry tips, you’ll be able to keep your garments looking new and prevent their colours from fading too!


Easy Machine-Washing Tips to Make Clothes Look Bright and New | Cleanipedia

Is your favourite piece of clothing that you once flaunted now fading and losing its charm? Don’t worry! We’ll give you some useful tips to prevent this from happening to your other clothes, so that they remain bright and fresh for longer!

For White Clothes

1)   Always Wash White Clothes Separately

It seems easy to add a few white clothes along with coloured garments to the wash load. However, coloured clothes can bleed during the wash and can stain your white clothes.


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2)   Use the Right Detergent

While washing your white clothes, remember to use a detergent that has been specially formulated for white clothes.

3)   Soak Your Clothes

If your white clothes are stained or have turned slightly yellow, soak them in a lemon-juice solution. To make this, add 2 tbsp. of lemon juice to a bucket of warm water. Drop your white clothes in this and soak them for an hour, and then wash them as you normally would.

4)   Dry Them in the Sun

This is an excellent trick to boost the brightness of your white clothes without using any bleach. After washing your white clothes, while they’re still wet, hang them outside in the sun. The sun’s rays will help brighten your white clothes naturally!

For Coloured Clothes

1)   Turn Them Inside Out

Before loading your coloured clothes into your washing machine, turn them inside out. This helps in preventing the colours from fading.

2)   Use Vinegar

Before washing your coloured clothes, soak them in a vinegar solution. Take a bucket full of water, add ½ a cup vinegar to it, then drop your coloured clothes in this. Wait for an hour, and then wash them as you normally would. Vinegar helps in keeping the colours of your clothes intact and also kills off any bacteria.

3)   Dry Them Indoors

Avoid drying your coloured clothes in direct sunlight as the sun rays can cause the colours to fade. Instead, dry them indoors to keep the colours intact.

There you are! Use our tips to keep your clothes bright and your confidence high!

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