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More pollution = More dust in the house? Here's a simple cleaning schedule to make your home look spick and span all the time!

A dust-free, clean house is an absolute delight, no doubt. But maintaining it that could be tricky. Having a self-cleaning and dust-free house maybe an idea for the future but we’ve got a few ideas that could help.


House Cleaning Schedule | How to Keep Home Dust Free | Cleanipedia

Keeping up with the daily house cleaning can be troublesome, but it doesn’t have to take up all your time. Here are a few tips to have a house that’s practically self-cleaning, or at least one that does a much better job staying tidy.

  • Dusting
While vacuuming, use an attachment to get to corners where dust can accumulate very easily.
Dusting The Furniture


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Start with dusting the furniture and sweeping the floor (daily). Work down from the ceiling to the floor using a damp cloth and then dust the curtains (weekly). Clean the carpet and drapes (once in two months).

  • Doormats
Use Proper Doormats

Hack off the dust at the entrance itself. Use proper doormats and avoid roaming with outdoor footwear inside your house.

  • Windows
Keep Your Windows Shut During Day

Keep your windows shut during the day as the wind carries a major amount of unwanted dust, which settles in the corners.

  • Cleaning-Cloth
Clean House Using A Good Microfibre Cloth

Invest in a good microfibre cloth.

Cleaning your house at regular intervals and managing mess as soon as you spot any will help you keep your house clean at any time of the day, and that’s almost as good as having a self-cleaning house.

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