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Revitalise Your Dull Clothes with Some Love and Care

Revitalise Your Dull Clothes with Some Love and Care

This article will help you revitalize dull clothes in your wardrobe and get your old clothes looking new and stylish.

The key to looking stylish is to make the most of the clothes that you already have. In this article, we’ve put together some of the most useful points on revitalising your clothes.

1) Customise Old Clothes

You can easily customise your old clothes with new buttons, fabric, or even dye.

2) Choose the Right Detergent

Check the type of laundry detergent you are using. For white clothes, a brightening product like Rin is best as it’s specially formulated to lighten as well as clean the items that have started to look yellow.

3) Use a Mesh Bag or Pillowcase

Washing underwears or delicate materials such as silk or lace in a tied pillowcase will help to protect them from getting damaged in the machine.

4) Wash Inside Out

Turning jeans or knitted sweaters and jackets inside out will also help to maintain their condition and is also useful if you’re worried about colour running on new clothes.

5) Avoid the Drying Cycle

Drying in the washing machine is convenient, but it can often overwork, stretch out material and even fade clothes. If possible, hang everything outside to avoid this problem.

6) Use Fabric Softener

Using a conditioner in the wash is a great way to keep clothes soft. However, remember to avoid using it on items that are designed to be absorbent. Remember to read the instructions given on your garment first, before using the fabric conditioner.

7) Use the Correct Amount of Detergent

Using detergent in excess will damage your clothes! Remember to check the dosing guidelines, and put in no more than the prescribed amount.

There you have it! Just a few tips can ensure your clothes stay in better condition for longer.

Key Steps

  • Customise old clothes by sewing on new buttons or dyeing faded material.
  • Take steps to prevent damage while washing in the machine.
  • Read the detergent instructions to ensure you’re using the correct dose.

Top Tip

Use a brightening detergent that is specially formulated to remove dirt from the deep layers of the fiber.