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Sending kids to school means expecting a lot of dirt on their clothes. Here are some quick tips to keep their uniforms bright and shiny

Other than projects, competitions and exams, the one thing that mums of school-going kids are worried about is the washing regimen for school uniforms.

To keep your kid’s uniform looking as good as new, follow these tips whenever you’re washing them.

Step 1:

Vinegar for stains. Put the uniforms into the washer and pour ½ a cup of vinegar and washing powder to the washing cycle. The uniforms will also be rid of any kind of foul smell.

Step 2:

Don’t over dry. Be sure to take out the clothes from the dryer in good time. Dry them inside out and make sure they are not kept in the sun for too long.

Step 3:

Starch it. Once the uniforms are dry, iron them on an ironing board and give them a crisp look.

Step 4:

Sports uniforms. The fabric used for sports uniform is different from that of the regular uniform and hence, should be treated separately. Put the sports uniform in a cloth bag and then wash it in the washing machine. This will help keep the threads intact.

Vinegar helps maintain the colours of the school uniform and makes it softer to wear.

Top Tip

Using cold water instead of hot water helps keep the colour of your clothes intact.