Simple steps to preserve the colour of your clothes for a longer period of time

Many of us over-wash our clothes for the fear of being seen as dirty or smelly. But guess what, certain clothes are to be washed as little as possible.


Clothes tend to lose their colour quite often, even with the friction that occurs during the washing cycle. Try this method to keep your colours intact and vibrant.

Make sure to always wash coloured clothes in cold water.

Step 1:

Sort it. Separate your coloured clothes from your white clothes. Washing like coloured clothes together prevents unwanted colour mix up and also keeps colours from fading.

Step 2:

Turn it. Prevent the colourful clothes from becoming dull by turning them inside out before putting them in the washing machine. This will help hold the colours and avoid bleeding.

Step 3:

Condition it. Put half a cup of vinegar in the wash along with detergent. Vinegar acts as a fabric softener and also fights the smell during the rinse cycle. Alternatively, you can also use a fabric conditioner, such as Comfort.

Step 4:

Dry it. The sun can act as a bleach. Dry your clothes in the shade and try not to use the dryer.

All is good when you have colourful clothes.

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