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Tips to remove food stains from designer wear

Has your lehenga ever been a victim of a food accident? If yes, you don’t have to worry anymore! Check out these simple tips to restore its beauty.


Tips to remove food stains from designer wear

A wedding is the ideal setting to look your best, and wearing a lehenga will definitely allow you to flaunt your style. It is also the ideal occasion to enjoy some mouth-watering dishes, which could leave a stain or two on your clothes by the end of the night.

But, you don’t need to toss your expensive lehenga because of a tiny food accident. Follow these tips to keep stains away from your favourite designer wear.

 Act Quickly

Remember to treat stains as soon as possible! Cleaning the spot with a few drops of water and a tissue will keep the stain at bay.

1) For Oil Stains

Sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain. Let it sit for a while. Rub it gently with a damp sponge and remove the blotted powder with a clean cloth. Wash if needed.


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2) For Dry Stains

Gently dust off the dried particles with a clean toothbrush. Blot it with talcum powder and wipe gently, using a damp cloth. Finally, wash as you normally would. Ensure you follow the suggestions on the wash-care label.

3) Use Boric Powder

Wine, juice, sweat and tea stains can easily be removed with boric powder. Wash your lehenga by adding 2-tbsp. boric powder directly to the washer.

Try these simple, easy and effective steps and your stunning lehenga will look as good as new. So, feel free to munch on anything the buffet has to offer without the stress of damaging your designer clothes because of food stains!

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