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Top load washing Machine vs Front-load washing machine

Top load washing Machine vs Front-load washing machine

In the battle of front load vs top load washing machines, picking a winner is a tough task. Both the machines perform well in their own way. And also, a lot is dependent on your requirement.

In this article, we will help you make a choice that suits you.

Benefits of front load washing machines

1) Run fewer cycles

The large loading capacity of a front load washing machine allows you to launder many clothes in a single washing cycle. This won’t take up half of your day, just a couple of loads and your laundry will be done.

2) Water and energy efficiency

An average top load machine uses 90-100 litres of water per wash. On the contrary, front load machines use half the amount or less. Also, they use 1/3rd the amount of energy and detergent, compared to top load machines.

3) Less noise during the spin cycle

Many front load washing machines feature vibration control, a way to stabilize the internal drum so that the entire unit doesn’t rattle your floors.


Benefits of top load washing machines

1) Cheap to buy

The most compelling benefit of top load washing machines is their low price.

2) Ergonomically friendly

If you have a bad back, bending over to transfer laundry from the bottom up can be painful. Top load washers allow you to load and unload laundry at waist height.

Make your choice wisely. Happy laundering!