Hello Bachelors! Here Are Some Simple Laundry Tips to Ease Your Life

Living alone can make laundry cleaning a tricky task. If you’re a bachelor, here are some easy-to-follow laundry tips for you.


Bike with clothes on

Living alone has its benefits, but when it comes to doing laundry, it's a challenge! From choosing the best laundry detergent to knowing the correct machine cycle, there are endless things to consider! Luckily, we’ve got the answers.

Read the below-mentioned simple laundry tips for bachelors.

Before washing the clothes in the machine, don't forget to remove cufflinks and check your pockets for pens, coins, and tissues.

Laundry Separation


Separate white clothes from the coloured ones. For white clothes, choose the right washing detergent that is specially formulated for them.

How Often to Wash Clothes


While you wait for the laundry cleaning day with a pile of dirty clothes, it can result in the laundry coming out of the washing machine dirty due to overloading. Don't overload the machine. Wash your clothes once every 2-3 days.

How to Choose the Best Detergent


Choose a highly efficient washing detergent for clean and shiny clothes.

How to Choose the Correct Cycle


After choosing a high-efficiency laundry detergent, the next thing to choose is the correct washing cycle. Most appliances will have a regular or standard cycle, usually reserved for every day durable material like polyester. Check the care label of your clothes before you put them for a wash.

Key Steps:

  • Sort your clothes into colours and whites.
  • Don’t be tempted to overload the washing machine!
  • Read the clothing care label to find out which cycle to use.

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