Washing Tips for White Clothes: How to Keep Clothes White and Bright After Holi

Holi festival can take its toll on your white clothes. Find out how to remove stains from white clothes with the tricks and techniques below.

Key Steps

  1. The best way to remove stains from white clothes is to pre-treat them or soak them in a bucket of soapy water for about 30 minutes.
  2. Don’t use too much detergent. The recommended amount of Rin can do the job!
  3. Wash colours separately: if red or pink was the colour of the day, don’t mix those clothes in with yellow or blue. That way, you have the best chance of clean, bright clothes.

When it comes to washing tips for white clothes, there is no greater test than washing them after Holi! We will outline the best ways to get your whites white, bright and clean no matter what. Here is the process to follow when you want to remove stains from white clothes after Holi:

First things first…

Before you learn any more about how to get rid of stains on white clothes, you need to organise and separate the Holi clothes into colours. It’s not totally necessary, but does provide a little extra insurance to return your clothes to their naturally bright, white state. The same thing applies for normal laundry in terms of separating darks and lights, so apply the same technique to the different colours your family’s white clothes come home covered in!

Before You Remove Stains from White Clothes

Make sure your stained clothing does not require dry cleaning or special treatment before you begin this process! It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to taking care of clothing that recommends professional cleaning.

Pre-treatment can be done in two ways: spot treatment or soaking. Remember, patience is key with removing stains. You may need to repeat this process a couple of times before you wash the clothes as usual.

If you choose to spot treat, simply wet the stain, sprinkle or rub in some Rin detergent (using either bar or powder) and allow it to soak in for 10-15 minutes. You can use a soft, bristled brush to work in the paste to tougher stains, but the best way to avoid extra work is to treat the stains while they’re fresh.

Considering that the best way for the beautiful colours of Holi festival to be seen is by wearing white clothes, chances are you are washing white clothes right now! If this is the case, use Rin Ala when you soak. It is made for use on white clothes only, so make sure you have any coloured clothing out of the mix.

If you think soaking is the best option, mix a dose of detergent into a bucket of water for about half an hour. Once you have removed the clothes afterwards, dispose of this water as it will contain all of the paint powder you are trying to remove.

Once you have finished your special post-Holi pre-treatment, you can begin the process of washing! Whether by hand or in the machine, Rin has a product that will not only fit in well with your preferred technique, but keep clothes bright like new. We hope these techniques work well for your family after the festival of Holi!

We recommend

Holi coloured powders are easy to get out of clothes when you use the right detergent. Pre-treat any tough stains with Rin, and be sure to follow the directions on the label of your favourite detergent!