Worry not! Here’s an easy way to get rid of baby urine stains from your bed linen

With babies in the house, urine stains on bed linen is a common problem. The stains are accompanied by a pungent odour.


How to Remove Baby Urine From Bedding

Getting rid of urine stains and odour from bed linen is a tiring process but with a few tricks, we’ve made it easy and effective for you.

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the borax residue.

A quick guide to get rid of dry stains:

Step 1:

Dampen the area. Using a sponge, dampen the area. Do not overdo it. Wetness spreads the urine stains. You just want to dilute the odour and strength of the stain.

Step 2:

Sprinkle some borax. It will neutralize the urine odour.

Step 3:

Use a rubber glove to firmly work borax into the stain.

Step 4:

Allow it to dry in a well-ventilated area. Open the doors, windows and let the fan on for some time.

A quick guide to get rid of wet stains:

Step 1:

Blot up the stained area. Dab a sponge in a circular motion over the stain to absorb the urine.

Step 2:

Dampen the area.Dip a clean towel in vinegar and wipe the stains. This will dilute the odour and strength.

Step 3:

Allow it to dry.The easiest way is to use a vacuum cleaner.

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