Did your weekend activity end with paint stains on your car_ Relax! Check out this simple method to get rid of the spots!

All car owners are familiar with the perils of leaving your car parked and coming back to find paint stains all over it.


How to Remove Paint Stains from your Car | Cleanipedia

Few drops of paint cannot ruin your car and neither your life. Because we absolutely know how to fix them. Follow our lead.

Avoid using a steel wire brush. It will lead to scratches on your car.

Step 1:

Spray. Spray a heavy coat of WD-40, a lubricant that can be bought at any hardware store. Spray on the paint marks and let it sit for 10- 15 minutes, or maybe more depending on how stubborn and old the marks are.

Step 2:

Scrape. Using a microfibre cloth, scrape the paint. You may have to rub over it vigorously for several seconds.

Step 3:

Wash. Wash the surface with some Vim dishwash gel or a car wash soap and water to clean up the residue and rinse it with water.

Next time, make sure you park your car safely.

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