Here are the things you need to make your own tool box!Here Are the Things You Need to Make Your Own Tool Box!

A toolbox is a must-have to fix basic wear and tear or damages in your house. Making your own toolbox isn’t difficult or time-consuming.

April 1, 2019

Here Are the Things You Need to Make Your Own Tool Box!
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Listed below are some essentials you need to have in your toolbox:

Make sure you have a nice compartmentalised box to carry these tools around.

1) Hammer

It can nail, demolish, and fix anything you want e.g. fitting a nail in a broken chair or table. A hammer with a synthetic handle will last longer too!

2) Flat Head/Phillip Screwdriver

The screwdriver is the Thalaiva of the toolbox, e.g., tightening loose screws of a door handle.

3) Pliers

A plier comes in handy to pull out anything stuck in a wall, to turn and grip the wires in assembly work etc.

4) Wrench

Wrenches form an important part of a toolbox. A few wrenches, like a fire hydrant wrench, are used for a single purpose. While the others say a combination wrench or an adjustable wrench, can be used for various purposes. A wrench applies torque to turn objects by either loosening or fastening items, like nuts and bolts.

5) Measuring Tape

From building a cabinet to just measuring your height, tape is pretty much a necessity.

6) Industrial Glue

A strong adhesive can glue together anything on any surface, e.g., assembly of wooden furniture.