You have a balcony, but it gets dirty all the time? Check out these hacks to keep your balcony clean!

The balcony is the area of your home that’s undoubtedly the most difficult to clean. But worry not, we’ve got some smart hacks.


Hacks to keep your balcony clean

If your balcony is home to dust, dirt, grime and filth, keep these tips handy.

Hang baskets on the railings and place your plants inside to save up on floor space.

1) Plant higher.

Place just one table that will let you plant your herbs and greenery upwards. It will ensure that your area looks more spacious and can help keep a compact balcony tidy and clean.

2) Set a regular cleaning routine.

Balconies are bound to be exposed to dirt, dust and grime quite often. So, implement a regular cleaning routine, which involves both tidying and cleaning.

3) Scrub the floor at least once a fortnight.

Invest in a steam cleaner. It’s the most effective and easy option to wipe clean all the dust and dirt accumulated in your balcony.

4) Wash the glasses regularly.

Implement a regular scrubbing routine to ensure your balcony looks inviting and the aesthetics become soothing.

Good luck cleaning and organising your balcony!

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