5 Natural Water Purification Methods

Learn these five basic, natural water purification methods, which can reduce the potential water contaminants to give you a clean and healthy glass of drinking water at home.


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Although the purifiers in the market are great to use, some people may prefer to use a natural solution. Just boiling the water can be an effective way of water purification.

There are multiple methods of purifying water and getting rid of various viruses and harmful chemicals.

Here are five natural water purification methods that are cost-effective.

1. Boiling

The most effective means of water purification is boiling. Keeping water at a vigorous and rolling boil for 1 to 3 minutes; it will eliminate all sorts of bacteria within the heat range.

2. Chlorination

This is an emergency-based water purification solution which can be done with household bleach. Adding 4 to 5 drops per litre of water will swiftly kill many harmful microbes.

3. Clay pots and gravity

Keep activated charcoal at the bottom of the pot. Charcoal will clean and enrich the water at the same time.

4. The sun

Store water in glass bottles and leave it in the sun for a minimum of 6 hours. Avoid using PET bottles.

5. Filtration

Use a screen of cloth or other material to add a layer of filtration to tap water.

Key Step:

  • Boil water at a high temperature for 2 to 3 minutes to kill the bacteria

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