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Check out these few alternatives to minimise the usage of paper in your lives

If you want to make some difference to the planet and the climate—and to save a lot of money too—reducing your “paper usage” is one of the ways to go.

Just by using less paper, you reduce your impact on forests, climate and produce less waste. Don’t know how to do it, follow the following.


  • Use cloth napkins instead of tissue papers or kitchen rolls.
  • Reduce your daily newspaper subscription to the weekend. Follow up on the news over the internet.
  • Ask for online receipts instead of a hard copy. Use the power of a screenshot to save details of online purchases and document it under one folder in your gallery.
  • Reuse one-sided paper for notes, sketches, rough work, etc. Use both sides of a paper.
  • Start carrying a handkerchief instead of using tissue papers.
  • For babies, use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.
  • Use Google Docs, Trello, Dropbox or other software that allow you to collaborate on projects digitally instead of using paper.
  • Be frugal about printing. Recheck for any mistakes, check the margins, print on both sides.


It is beneficial to recycle paper and use recycled paper products! But let’s remember that recycling comes last in the triad of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Top Tip

Start with not printing this list.