Ideas for clothing craft

Discover cloth craft ideas to repurpose old clothes into new things, including DIY shirt ideas, making an apron from scarves, and quilt clothing craft.

That pile of old clothes that you no longer wear needn’t gather dust in the corner. These DIY old clothes crafts will have you transforming them into something amazing. Not only will you reduce your waste, you’ll get a new outfit or accessory too. From several DIY shirt ideas to cloth craft ideas to turn old scarves into new aprons, take a look at these clever methods.

DIY Shirt Ideas

Got an old shirt lying around? Turn that button down into something new with these DIY shirt ideas:


  • Decorative collar: repurpose the collar of a shirt by cutting it off, hemming the bottom and using a broach to reattach it at the front
  • Dress: it can be as easy as adding a belt to cinch in the waist, or as complex as cutting off sleeves and collars and adding gathering to change the shape


  • Cushion cover: the buttons make it easy to remove the cushion pad when you need to wash the cover
  • Purse: cut out button-down pockets for a ready-made purse, or fold over the buttons on the cuff and sleeve
  • Tote bag: this is as simple as hemming the edges and using strips from the sleeves as handles. Add a lining in a heavyweight material like canvas to make it more durable

Quilt clothing craft

If you’ve got a stash of clothes with rips or stains that make them unwearable, the easiest way to repurpose them is to make a quilt. You only need to use small patches, so DIY old clothes crafts like this are a great way of using up damaged garments. This is also the perfect way to create a keepsake memento of precious baby clothes.

Make scarves into aprons

Clever cloth craft ideas will inspire you to create something new from that pile of scarves at the bottom of your wardrobe. How about making an apron? Here’s a no-sew method: 

  1. Cut two scarves to 25in (63.5cm) wide
  2. Fold the first scarf in half, bottom to top
  3. Attach fusible bonding web along the top edge of the scarf, between the two layers
  4. Use an iron to fuse the two layers of scarf together
  5. Use fusible webbing to attach the second scarf on top of the first, and fuse as before
  6. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to go around your waist and tie up in a bow (two and a half times the width of the apron)
  7. Attach the ribbon along the top edge of the two scarves, making sure it is centred, and secure with webbing again

For those who are into DIY, old clothes are a wonderful way to reduce waste and make something useful or beautiful. As we’ve proven, you don’t need a sewing machine or expert skills to get involved with clothing craft. Gather up your old clothes, give them a wash and get creating.

Key Steps

  • Clean your old clothes before repurposing them.
  • For a no-sew clothing craft, use fusible webbing to turn scarves into aprons.
  • If you only use one type of clothing, make it a shirt, as there are lots of DIY shirt ideas.
  • A quilt is one of the best cloth craft ideas for using up stained or ripped clothing.

We recommend

When you’re into DIY, old clothes are an ideal source of free material to make something new. Just make sure those old clothes are clean before you start creating! Use a good detergent such as Surf excel Matic to help in the wash.