Messy house after kid’s birthday party? Here are some birthday party clean-up tips

Home-based birthday parties that we had as kids had a certain charm to them. The balloons, the cake, the confetti, the gifts, the nostalgia!



Parties at home are fun and exciting, but the cleaning afterwards is the most dreaded part. Here are few tricks to make clean-up a little quicker and easier.

1) During Party

● Use disposable cutlery for serving and also for your guests to eat on.

● Kids become messy around food. Consider serving less messy food, such as finger food, pizza, chips, etc. Avoid the gravy.

● Keep kitchen rolls around your supplies. They work as a stronger absorbent if you have to tackle food splats or spills.

● Keep fragile cutlery away from the reach of little hands.

2) After Party

Start clean-up right after the party because the later you get to it the tougher it becomes.

● Clean the hard mess like plates, confetti or gift wraps and put them in the trash bags.

● Immediately attack spills or any frosting before they settle by spraying some distilled water over the blot and clean them with a dry cloth.

● Collect the ceramic plates, glasses and other washable cutlery. Clear them of any leftovers and put them in the sink to clean them.

● Vacuum the carpet, sofa for any crumbs and mop the floor. To kill any foul smell, you can use some aromatic oils.

Top Tip

Make sure you enjoy the party and worry less about the mess. We have you covered.

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