Home appliances consume a lot of energy. We know that energy efficiency can seem confusing, but there are several tools to help you.

  • Energy Rating
    Check the energy rating label to see how energy efficient an appliance is – more the stars, better the rating.

  • Size
    Check for the size of the appliance to see if it fits your usage needs. If smaller appliances are working for bigger needs, it will adversely impact the efficiency. For instance, if you a need an 8 litre washing machine for your family’s laundry, buying a smaller machine will not only impact its performance but also consume a lot of energy.

  • Read the energy guide
    It states the estimated annual energy consumption of the appliance and also helps you compare the efficiency or annual energy use of competing brands and similar models.

  • Standby
    To make things simpler, install an 'intelligent' power board that will cut power to all the devices plugged into it with one click – either by using a remote or a switch separate from the actual board.

Save energy in your house through efficient usage.