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Bathroom organization ideas: decorate your bathroom and keep it organized

No-one can relax in a cluttered bathroom - embrace your zen with our bathroom organization ideas.


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bathroom shelves ideas

Key steps to keep your bathroom tidy:

  • Always choose surfaces which suit your chosen look and taste.
  • Make sure surfaces are easy to clean.
  • Keep your colors neutral, light and airy.
  • Sort your products into categories to keep them organized.

Is your bathroom in need of a makeover? If so, here we’ll share some tips to make your bathroom look chic and organized without you having to waste a lot of money. Read on for our DIY bathroom organization ideas and tips to get you inspired and in the mood for the change.

Invest in built-in storages so that surfaces are kept decluttered – this is particularly useful when it comes to keeping the bathroom counter clean and shiny.

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Bathroom organization ideas

Keep your bathroom organized with our top 4 bathroom organization ideas below:

1. Declutter your bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean is so much easier if you keep it clutter-free! Keep your items tucked neatly away in cupboards, specialised units and even shelving to make the most of the entire room.

  • Invest in baskets and boxes.
  • A chest can store the towels and bathrobes, keeping them dry and sheltered from the moisture.
  • Drawer dividers are a good way to optimize space and keep your small items stored ship-shape.
  • Keep a separate shelf for toilet paper, shower products and cleaning products.

2. Try floating shelves

This is one of the best space-saving bathroom shelf ideas you can adopt. Choosing glass floating shelves will keep your bathroom walls light and neat.

3. Choose away-from-the-floor bathroom rack ideas

Placing a towel rack above your bathroom door is a good way to clear out floor space if you are looking for small bathroom décor and organization ideas. Open shelves will also help you lose precious floor space as you won’t need to open any doors. Another bathroom rack idea is to attach an over-the-door storage hanger that is multi-purpose to hang towels as well as other bathroom accessories.

4. Fit a storage ladder above the toilet

This is an easy-to-accomplish bathroom storage idea. All you need is a ladder and baskets to hang. You can also embellish some baskets with plants that are suited for the bathroom.

Small bathroom decor ideas 

Tried these bathroom organization ideas but still think something's missing? Turn your bathroom into a spa-haven with our small bathroom décor ideas and tips:

Choose your materials wisely!

When you are looking at bathroom shelf ideas or choosing your bathroom surfaces; make sure you opt for furnishings that are water-resistant and easy to clean. Our top choice? Enamel! Not only is it extremely easy to clean but it also looks classy. Make sure you keep products like Cif to hand for cleaning around the bathroom.

Get your décor colors right

When you are decorating a bathroom, it is important to keep the color palette light. Often your bathroom has limited natural light, so make sure you choose shades that look fresh and bright. Don’t forget the paler the color, the easier it is to see marks and stains. Remember to choose a paint that is water and mold-proof.

Mirrors, mirrors on the walls

Yes, they are great at giving you the impression that the room is bigger. Choose light mirror frames that match your bathroom palette.

Invest in bathroom plants

Discover what plants are good for humidity, and turn your bathroom into a green and serene space. Get inspired by our guide on bathroom plants.

Your bathroom is a great place to relax and unwind and the above tips will help you give the room a quick makeover so it lives up to this potential. But remember - before substantially changing your bathroom décor or adding furniture to it you need to ensure that it is cleaned thoroughly and keep on top of your cleaning schedule throughout the year.


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