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Vinegar for Cleaning: How to Use Vinegar to Clean the Bathroom

Vinegar can be an effective, natural cleaning product when used correctly. Find out the how to use vinegar for cleaning the bathroom here with these top tips.


how to use vinegar to clean the bathroom

Distilled vinegar can be used in many different ways around the home. But how do you know when to use vinegar and when to use commercial cleaning products? As versatile as it is, vinegar can’t be used for everything. Here you can find out how to use vinegar for cleaning the bathroom!

Vinegar has many uses, but no product is infallible. Do a quick spot test on a small, unnoticeable area of any surface to ensure that each use of vinegar is safe.

Uses of Vinegar in the Bathroom

As a non-toxic, natural cleaning agent, vinegar is particularly good for odd little jobs where either commercial cleaning products don’t apply, or they contain chemicals that may be less eco-friendly or less healthy for a house with small children. Although vinegar is a natural cleaning solution, you should still wear rubber gloves when cleaning with vinegar and keep the room well-ventilated, as it can have quite a strong smell.

Try some of these great eco-friendly ways to having a clean bathroom with vinegar:


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Safety Warning

Vinegar should never be combined with bleach – This is a big no-no when using vinegar for cleaning. While vinegar can help clean surfaces and fixtures in many situations, adding an acid like this to bleach will result in chlorine gas, which is toxic. So use commercial bleach, like Domex on its own, far away from any vinegar!

  • How to clean bathroom tiles with vinegar:

Using a mixture of half vinegar, half water and a clean microfiber cloth, try cleaning bathroom tiles with vinegar. You can wipe down counter tops and cabinets, too. This is a straightforward use of vinegar to try if this is your first time using it for cleaning.

  • How to use vinegar for bathroom odors

Is there a certain stink in your bathroom that you can’t seem to eliminate? Try leaving a bowl of undistilled vinegar in the room overnight.

  • Make your own bathroom cleaner, vinegar style

Clean the floor around the drain with a vinegar solution: 1 cup of vinegar for every 3 liters of water. A handy time to do this is when you’re mopping the floors! Keep in mind that the use of vinegar on floors should be limited to no-wax floors.

  • Bathroom cleaning with vinegar for finishing touches

The build-up of soap scum and lime scale around faucets can get frustrating but you can get those taps sparkling clean once again with some vinegar! Use a mixture of 1 part salt and 4 parts vinegar, and a cloth to rub away in these tough spots.

how to use vinegar to clean the bathroom

These examples should give you a good idea of when to use white vinegar for cleaning – and when not to. Now you know how to use vinegar, you can maintain a healthy, eco-friendly household with ease!

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