How to get rid of a cold and stop it from spreading

Feeling under the weather? Read this guide on how to treat a cold and prevent it from spreading. There’s even tips on how to treat a cold fast!


how to get rid of a cold

Most of us are always looking for ways on how to treat a cold fast, as feeling unwell can prevent us from enjoying our life to the fullest. Finding out how to get rid of a cold, and the best ways to protect yourself from cold-causing germs in the future, are just some of the pointers you will find in this article.

Colds can be difficult to shake off, especially when family members and colleagues are also ill, and we often wonder how to get rid of a cold. Germ eradicating products like Domex and cleaning products like Cif are perfect to keep your home clean and germ-free, and thus reduce the risk of infection.

Top tips for how to stop a cold

There are five top tips for how to treat a cold fast:

  • Stay hydrated. Increasing your intake of vitamin C and fluids will help your immune system fight a cold.
  • Get some rest. Rest will allow your body’s natural defences to do their work. Battling through your symptoms could prolong your illness.
  • Soothe your throat. Add a teaspoon of honey to your tea, suck boiled sweets or gargle salt water.
  • Work out. Most viruses can only survive at around 37 °. Working out will raise your body temperature and help to sweat out your cold.
  • Get a chest massage. Warm oils, such as sesame oil, are a great way to relieve congestion when massaged into your chest and upper back.

Top tips for how to stop a cold from spreading

There are five key ways of preventing the spread of cold causing germs once you know how to treat a cold:

  • Keep your vaccinations up to date.
  • Wash your hands, especially before and after visiting someone who is unwell.
  • Use the crook of your elbow or a tissue to cough or sneeze into, instead of your hand.
  • Stay home if you are unwell to prevent other people from catching the germs you’re carrying; especially if your usual route includes the use of public transport.
  • Keep surfaces such as door handles, kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces which are regularly touched clean using disinfectants like Cif or bleach-based products like Domex.

Top tips for how to prevent a cold from bothering you again

Prevention is better than cure, so be sure to follow these top tips:

  • Protein is an immune system building block and should be a staple in your diet.
  • Keep surfaces clean, even if they look like they already are. Anything that gets touched by a lot of people will be covered in bacteria that can cause you to fall ill.
  • Avoid touching public stair banisters and other surfaces touched regularly by other people.
  • Wash your hands regularly, especially after coming into contact with someone who is ill.
  • Avoid touching your face as rubbing your eyes, mouth and nose can pass germs on your hands immediately into your system.

It’s just as important to know how to protect others around you and help to prevent them from falling ill, as it’s to know how to treat a cold fast. Using these tips and tricks will help you to both protect others and also know how to prevent a cold.

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Stay hydrated, especially with drinks containing vitamin C.
  • Keep your home and work space clean using germ-eradicating products like Domex.
  • Regularly wash your hands, especially before and after visiting someone who is unwell.
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