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How to Save on Home Care Funds for Families of All Sizes

Here are ways to save on homecare funds for any type of family! It may seem like a challenge but it's easier than you think.


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In a time full of money constraints, it may seem difficult to uphold your household needs while remaining within the budget you want. But never fear, we have wais tips to keep you from overspending—and retain the home quality you want to give to your family.

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First, for clothes and laundry needs:

  1. Instead of buying new clothes, make old clothes as good as new with a good wash.

    Do some research and seek out affordable, but effective, laundry products that can help make your clothes look as good as new—while retaining its affordable price. Our recommendation would be using Surf Powder Detergent with Active Clean Technology and Surf Fabric Conditioner with Sun Bloom Technology. For as low as Php 5.0 SRP and Php 5.00 SRP respectively, you get xx and long lasting fragrance that blooms even under the sun!**

  2. Buy your laundry products during online sales.

    Websites like Shopee and Lazada usually have brand day sales for homecare essentials. For families with bigger washloads, some brands have regular bundles available on their pages as well. This can help you save while keeping safe at home.

  3. Turn your iron off when going through the last few clothes to save electricity.

    The iron is still hot so the last few pieces of clothing can still be ironed—even without electricity.

  4. Ensure your washing machine is cleaned and the filters are free of lint or dirt.

    This will allow good water pressure to flow. It also makes the washing process safer and more efficient. Also, wash a full-load at all times. The machine will use about the same amount of energy no matter what the size of the load is, so fill it up.

  5. Take care of your clothes, and teach the family how to do so, so that they don’t wear and tear or lose color quickly.

    It will save you more than you know!

  6. Second, for the home and cleaning needs: Look for a product that you can use for multiple surfaces at home.

    We recommend Domex Multi-purpose Cleaner. Instead of spending for different products, you can use a multi-purpose cleaning tool that can cover more surfaces.

  7. Dilute based on the recommended dilute instructions.

    This way, you extend the life of the product and you are still sure of the it's effectiveness.

  8. Similar to tip # 1,

    do your research on products so you can find affordable but effective brands for your house cleaning needs.

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With these tips, you now have madiskarte ways to keep your family’s spends within budget, while giving them the care they need.

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