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How to Wash Newborn Baby Clothes

Are you a new parent struggling to keep baby clothes looking new and feeling soft? This article answers all your baby related laundry questions.


Mom holding baby clothes

You must be thinking “How can my little baby create so much laundry?”, “Bakit ang daming gamit na bibs?”, “How can I remove the stains on the baby clothes?” or “Is this detergent soft enough for my baby?”

Doing the laundry on newborn items might seem like an impossible task, but once you know how to wash them, it’ll become part of your daily routine in no time!

Tip: Always wash your baby’s new clothes before putting them on for the first time! The journey from factory to shop can expose them to all sorts of nasty things.

Newborn clothes washing machine tips With your baby’s sensitive skin, you need to give them the extra alaga. Here are a few tips on how to keep baby clothes looking new using your washing machine:

  • Choose a good laundry detergent: When it comes to washing baby clothes, washing machine cycles are the best way to lift stains and baby food residue. If you’re looking for a product to wash baby clothes with, try a detergent like

    Breeze Liquid Detergent Gentle and Free

    . It’s designed to remove tough stains with a gentle, PH-balanced formula making it safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Plus, it has rice milk and lavender extract which nourish and care for your baby’s fabrics. It also does not have dye, paraben or bleach!

  • Wipe off residue before washing: Whether it’s mashed up carrot or your very own baby ulam concoction, it’s important to rinse off as much of the offending substance as possible before putting the garment in the machine. It will make the cleaning process much faster.

  • Soak stains before washing: Pre-soaking a stained garment is a good way to loosen simple stains like spittle or milk, making it easier to lift and clean in the machine. As a rule of thumb, you should treat all stains as soon as possible. The sooner you tackle it, the easier it will be to remove!

Remember to always read the care tags before laundering, especially when it comes to new items! If you’re unsure, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

New clothes storage guide Once you’ve finished the laundry, here’s are some tips on storing baby clothes:

  • Sort the clothes by size or type so it’s easier to find what you need!

  • Keep swimwear, formal items, costumes, blankets, and hair accessories in a separate place (e.g. in basket crates or mesh bags).

  • Don’t fold the clothes, roll them instead! You’ll save tons of drawer space.

  • When storing baby clothes in the attic, steer clear of cardboard boxes and use plastic tubs instead! They provide better protection from moisture and creepy crawlies.

  • Finally, know when to throw something away. Permanently stained or overly worn clothes aren’t worth keeping. You should also throw out well-worn baby shoes. They tend to mold to their first owner’s feet, making them uncomfortable for younger siblings.

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It’s always so exciting to have a newborn at home and mas exciting ang cuddle sessions if your baby is wearing soft clothes that don’t irritate the skin. Make sure you use detergent made for babies! For more newborn baby preparation tips, check out this article on what to put in your baby hospital bag!

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