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Summer Saving Hacks for the Family!

No need to spend more and leave home to give your family and enjoyable summer!


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Summer is definitely a favorite season of the family--especially for the kiddies. At times we end up spending a lot to enjoy and cool ourselves down.


Here are some ways to enjoy the summer--and keep your budgets intact:

  1. Homemade Backyard Beach Party

    Even if traveling is not an option, you can still have a mini beach party in your home! This allows you to save as well. Some ideas for your party: - Prepare some upbeat music - Play around with a water hose and have the kiddies wear their swimsuits! - Prepare iced drinks to keep everyone cool - Mini picnic with homemade food!

  2. Use the Power of the Sun!

    With the heat, you no longer have to dry your clothes and sheets under the drier. Save money and make use of the sun! You can also use the power of the sun to make your clothes smell even better. How? By adding Surf Fabric Conditioner with Sun Bloom Technology to your laundry regimen. Mas bumabango ang damit, even under the init!

  3. Keep things light!

    With all the heat that comes from summer, you and your family can wear breezy and light clothes. These are easier to wear and faster to wash.

  4. Avail of Summer Sales

    During the summer, a lot of online stores have sulit sales that only come during the season. Ensure you do your research and make the most out of these.

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These are some ways you can make the most of your summer, in a wais, smart way!

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