how to remove hard water stains from glass
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How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Glass

Hard water can leave white marks all over your glasses, making them look dirtier than they really are. Here's how to remove hard water stains from glass!

Are you familiar with hard water stains? Leaving milky, white deposits on your glasses, these stains make them appear a little dirty at all times even if they are actually perfectly clean. Fortunately, all it takes to avoid this issue is a little know-how; if you know what you are dealing with, removing water stains won’t be a problem anymore, and your glasses should be sparkly and fresh in no time once you know how to clean hard water stains from glass.

What are Hard Water Stains on Glass, Exactly?

Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, which leave behind stains on glass. The tricky part is that these minerals can be difficult to remove, turning stain removal into a challenge.

Remove Water Stains from Glass ­– a Few Strategies

There are various tips and tricks on how to remove water stains from glass, so feel free to try out various techniques in order to figure out what works best for you.

  • Using a good dishwashing soap (like Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid) can help to make sure that your glassware is clean and bright. Follow the directions on the label, and make sure to rinse your glasses before drying them.
  • One surprisingly simple way to tackle these water stains is to grab an old black and white newspaper, as the newsprint can reduce the minerals, making it possible to simply scrub the stains away. You can either use the newspaper in its dry state and wipe the glass with it, or soak the newspaper sheet in water before rubbing the glass.
  • White vinegar is another home remedy to remove hard water stains – it helps loosen the mineral deposits from the glass. You can even mix in some lemon juice, and then spray the solution on the glass.
  • Alternatively, use white vinegar mixed with a bit of baking soda, and apply this paste to the stained area of the glass, rinsing it off after a couple of minutes. If you are facing particularly stubborn stains, soak your glasses in a vinegar and hot water solution for a little while, and try gently scrubbing the stains away after.

Drying Glass the Right Way

Drying your glasses properly is another way to prevent some water stains and marks from appearing. It is important to use a towel which is clean and lint-free for the best possible results and to leave your glasses shiny and clear.

More Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Hard Water Deposits

Make sure to deal with any hard water marks as soon as they appear – waiting will only make matters worse. If you are not a fan of home remedies, look out for specific cleaning products designed to help remove hard water stains from glass instead. If you have a dishwasher, try using a rinse aid (you can find these in online stores and at shops selling imported goods).


how to remove hard water stains from glass

Top Tip

Removing hard water stains from your glasses can be easy when you know how! White vinegar can help remove these unsightly marks – and you can help prevent them from appearing by drying your glasses with a clean, lint-free cloth as soon as possible after washing.

Key Steps:

  1. Don’t let hard water stains build up. The longer they’re left there, the harder they’ll be to remove.
  2. A handy trick is to use newspaper to scrub hard water stains from glasses.
  3. Dry your glasses with a soft, lint-free cloth to ensure you don’t scratch them.