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8 Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Is your small bedroom starting to look a little cluttered? Need some help tidying it up? Check out these simple bedroom storage ideas for a quick fix!


storage ideas for small bedrooms

Small rooms are great when it comes to cleaning, but not so good when it comes to storage. Trying to find a place to keep everything in a little space is usually a bit of a challenge! You don’t want your bedroom to look cluttered, but at the same time you don’t want to chuck out of half of your belongings. Luckily, there are a whole lot of small bedroom storage ideas out there that will help you out.

When it comes to small bedroom storage ideas, stackable boxes are a great way to use the height of your room to your advantage.

Under-bed Bedroom Storage Ideas

Under-bed storage is a great idea for small rooms. You can have extra-room for tidying things away and keep it all out of sight under the bed, making for a very neat room. Here are some under-bed storage ideas for small bedrooms:

  • Label what’s in each box so you can find what you’re looking for easily.
  • Get under-bed storage that’s on wheels so you can slide them in and out without hassle.
  • If you’re really tight on space when it comes to bedroom storage ideas, raise your bed off the ground using platforms. It’ll give you more room under the bed for bigger boxes, or to stack the ones you already have.

Shelving Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

When it comes to small bedroom storage ideas, you can’t beat some clever shelving! If you’re tight on space, focus on tall and narrow shelves, making the most of all your floor height. Shelving around your bed is also great, as there’s usually a lot of wall space around this area that isn’t used.

Closet Organization Ideas

 When it comes to bedroom closet ideas for storage, these hacks can be a great way to make more space and declutter a room. Here are some closet ideas for small bedrooms you can take inspiration from:

  • If you’ve got floor space in your closet you’re not using, invest in stackable boxes to store clothes you don’t wear so often in, or as extra storage for items around your room.
  • If you’re looking for closet organization ideas that both look neat and maximise your space, add poles to the inside of your closet door. You can hang scarves, heels, belts and more from them.
  • For tall bedroom closet ideas, install a second poll so you can hang more clothes beneath those that are shorter on the rail above.

There are a ton of ways you can maximise the storage in your small room, from handy bedroom closet ideas to being creative with the way you use every bit of your space. These tips and tricks will help you to create a bedroom you love to be in – and one that’s much neater, too!

  • Under-bed storage
  • Stackable boxes
  • Tall, narrow shelving units
  • Extra poles for your close
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