Simple room divider ideas you can make at home

Need to separate your living spaces? Try one if these 4 room divider ideas.


How to divide a room: 4 easy room separator ideas

Open plan living is all well and good but what about when you want a quiet haven away from the rest of the family or maybe a study space free from distractions? Follow these tips for 4 different easy room divider ideas to incorporate in your living space.

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Top 4 room divider ideas: Making the most of an open plan space

Looking to install a DIY wall divider to separate your living area? Try one of these 4 super easy room and wall divider ideas that can be put in place in no time.

1. Make the divider multi-purpose 

A bookshelf (or two!) is a great option. You simply need to position them side by side to create a DIY room divider that’s cuts across the floor.


  • Bookshelves double up as storage solutions and decorative elements.
  • Leaving the back panel off it will allow light through giving the illusion of two separate areas while allowing the space to still feel open.


  • Bookshelves tend to take up a lot of space so they’re not great for very small spaces.
  • They can be difficult to secure in position if not pressed against a wall which may not be safe for homes with small children or pets.


2. Got a smaller room? Hang curtains 

This is quick and easy no matter how good you are at DIY. All you need is a rail and your chosen curtains then simply install it across the part of your room you want to divide.


  • Curtains don’t take up much space but allow for privacy.
  • They are perfect for bedrooms, and rooms where you’d like to be able to separate the room but open it up once you’re done.
  • They are also one of the cheapest room divider ideas.


  • Heavy curtains can cause your living space to feel claustrophobic.
  • Light fabrics, like voile, don’t always offer quite the privacy you’re looking for.


3. Want a quick and easy foldaway idea? Try Japanese screens 

A variety of furniture stores offer these, and you can even find them second hand!


  • They are foldable which means you can pop them away when they are not in use.
  • They are often colourful which beautiful patterns that make them a decorative choice.


  • Unless you successfully find them second hand, they are one of the most expensive ideas you can use as a DIY room divider.
  • Due to their short height, they may not be the best option if you’re looking to create a completely private area.


4. Floating storage is a great alternative to furniture 

All you need to do is hang floating shelves and a rail from your ceiling to create a divider that doubles as storage for clothes and more.


  • As well as separating a room, this gives you more storage.
  • The choice of rails and floating shelves is completely customisable.


  • You’ll need more DIY skills than some of our other ideas for a good finish.
  • This type of divider can’t be easily hidden, folded away, or dismantled.

With our 4 simple ideas, you’re hopefully inspired to start building your own DIY room dividers. Have fun and make the most of your home with our tips at Cleanipedia!

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