Prevention is best way to prevent the spread of germs. When it comes to the home, ensuring you have a ready supply of strong germ killing products for household cleaning and personal care is a priority.

Remove germs from all commonly touched surfaces in your home using a highly effective agent like hypochlorite (bleach) as recommended by the Centre for Disease Control. This means disinfecting common items at home such as faucets, toilets, tables, kitchen counters, bathroom mirrors, stair rails, doorknobs, floors, mobile phones, computer keyboards, and keys.

Observe your family and ensure they follow all safety and health protocols when at home and going out.

Take hand sanitizer with you when you’re out, bring surface wipes so you can wipe items before touching them such as grocery carts and bring your own ball pen especially for bank errands so you won’t need to use a shared pen. Constant punas, sanitizing, and vigilance are key.

Ensure hand washing with soap is a priority and strictly enforced across the household. This must be done before and after using the toilet, before and after meals, and when coming in from outside. Washing hands for up to a minute is highly effective.

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Contain anything in your home that comes into contact with human waste and remind family members to cover their mouth and nose with tissue paper if they will sneeze. Immediately throw tissues into the trash can too. Remember that each sneeze can shoot germs up to 3 meters in any direction, spreading unwanted infections.

Tell everyone the steps they can take to protect your home and encourage them to do the same – preventing the spread of germs is a group effort. Sama-sama tayong laha

Remember these steps, and P-R-O-T-E-C-T your family, your home, and share these practices with friends around you.