It’s true—looking good means feeling good. Fresh clothes are essential whether or not you have to leave home. But why spend more money than you must? Find out how you can be have both the economical and freshness benefits when it comes to laundry. Here are some general laundry tips that apply to both hand-washers and washing machine users:

1. Remember to separate your light and dark clothes to avoid color complications (which could cost you!) And keep your clothes looking vibrant.

2. Get an affordable, but credible, laundry brand. Do your research! There are sulit brands out there that give you great clean and long lasting fragrances at an affordable price. Our recommendation would be using Surf Powder Detergent with Active Clean Technology and Surf Fabric Conditioner with Sun Bloom Technology. For as low as Php 5.0 SRP and Php 5.00 SRP respectively, you get xx and long lasting fragrance that blooms even under the sun!**

3. Buy your laundry products during online sales. Websites like Shopee and Lazada usually have brand day sales for homecare essentials. And some brands have regular bundles available on their pages as well.

For washing machine users, here are tips for you:

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1. Ensure your washing machine is cleaned and the filters are free of lint or dirt. This will allow good water pressure to flow. It also makes the washing process safer and more efficient.

2. Use energy-saving functions in your washing machine if possible. This setting allows you to save water and money.

3. When washing clothes in the washing machine, always wash a full-load at all times. The machine will use about the same amount of energy no matter what the size of the load is, so fill it up.

4. But when it comes to drying, ensure you add the right load sizes for your machine. If the dryer is too full, it will take longer for the clothes to dry.

With the right tools and diskarte, you can get the most affordable laundry items while having the most economical routine!