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5 Inspirational Pantry Ideas for #PantryGoals

Are your cabinets stuffed with food sachets, baon, and delata? Sort them out with these pantry organization ideas.


Shelves filled with spices and other kitchen items

Ideas for you

  • Rearrange your existing cabinets to make the most of the space.

  • Use dividers to sort out your drawers.

  • Add hooks underneath wall-mounted cabinets.

  • Organize your spices with a spice rack or magnetic tins.

Whether your pantry occupies a room of its own or just a shelf in your kitchen, you can optimize space and save time with a few pantry organization ideas. From general space-saving ideas to making the perfect spice rack, here’s how to get the picture-perfect pantry.

Stackable food containers

Dry foods like pasta come in bags that aren’t easy to store, so just pour them into stackable food storage containers to keep them fresh until your next birthday party handaan. It’s one of the simplest pantry ideas out there, and one of the most effective.

Rearranging your cabinets

If your cupboards constantly seem to be overflowing, sometimes all it takes is a bit of rearranging to fix the problem. The space could already be there, it’s just not being used correctly. Avoid simply throwing food packets in as you buy them and set aside some time to take out the groceries and put it back more neatly. You might be surprised by how much space you actually have!

Drawer dividers

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A simple way to organize your pantry is to use drawer dividers. You can buy these or even make them yourself! You can go for #TeamKahoy wood dividers that are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Alternatively, you can opt for a cheaper and just as effective cardboard divider. First, measure the drawer and cut one strip of firm cardboard to fit lengthwise across it and one to fit widthwise. Notch the strips at the center and slot them together to form a cross shape. Put the cross in the bottom of the drawer to create a 4-part divider.

Hanging storage

With a little DIY alterations, kitchen cabinets can offer a lot more space. If you’ve got any wall-mounted cabinets with unused space below them, fix some hooks on the bottom of the cabinet (carefully measured and spaced so they look good), to make more storage for mugs, pans or sieves!

Spice rack help!

If your spices are all jumbled together and hard to find, a spice rack is the perfect way to keep them organized. You can buy a rack on Shopee or Lazada! Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can create a DIY-spice rack which adds a more personal touch to your kitchen! You can also do away with traditional spice racks and get yourself some modern magnetic spice tins! You can put your spices in these and arrange them on any metal surface in the kitchen. Just make sure they’re far from any electronic devices that might be damaged by magnets..

Once you’ve finished playing around with pantry ideas, you’ll want to keep your cooking space clean. Check out our guide to cleaning and sanitizing kitchen tools and equipment.

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