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Cleaning with Lemon: All the Things You Can Clean Using Lemon!

Surprise! Lemons can be used to clean items at home!


Use Lemons for Cleaning!

When life gives you lemons, it's time to get cleaning! The humble lemon is bursting with antibacterial and deodorizing properties, so it’s actually a great cleaning agent. But for deep cleaning, we recommend using a disinfectant. Check out our tips for using disinfectants in the kitchen and bathroom. What can I do with a lemon?

  • Use lemons to remove odors from your refrigerator

  • Use lemon and baking soda to clean sinks

  • Use lemon and salt to clean a wooden chopping board or shine your chrome

  • Use water and lemon to clean grime from your kettle, microwave or oven

Read on for our top hacks for cleaning with lemon juice.

  1. Is your wooden chopping board smelly?

    You'll need a little salt and one lemon for this hack!

    · Sprinkle salt on your board, ensuring you cover the entire surface of the board. · On any stained areas, add an extra layer of salt.

    · Slice the lemon in half.

    · Use the lemon to rub the salt over the surface.

    · As the juice and salt mix, they will remove any lingering odors.

    · Rinse the surface with water.

  2. Keep nasty fridge odors at bay with a lemon deodorizer.

    · Cut a lemon in half and place the two halves onto a plate.

    · Place the bowl or plate onto the bottom shelf of your fridge.

    · Leave it inside for around one week before replacing.

  3. A shiny sink looks best with a shiny faucet!

    Make chrome fixtures look as good as new using salt and lemon.

    · Cut a lemon in half.

    · Dip it into salt.

    · Use this to scrub faucet fixtures and other chrome surfaces.

    · Wash off to see a more shiny faucet.

  4. Clean dirty greasy microwave using a lemon:

    · Place ½ cup water into a microwave safe bowl.

    · Cut a lemon in half.

    · Squeeze the juice of the lemon into the water, then place the lemon in too!

    · Put your bowl into the microwave and run on high for 3 minutes.

    · Once finished, leave the door shut for a further 5 minutes.

    · Remove your bowl and wipe down the interior of the microwave with a damp cloth. This will also remove any lingering odors!

    · If you have stubborn madikit marks, use the flesh of the lemon to wipe the surface of the microwave before wiping with the cloth.

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It’s remarkable that the ordinary lemon is such a useful and diverse cleaning agent to have around the kitchen. And so before making that lemonade, set aside a lemon or two to clean even the toughest looking grease stains. Life’s lemons just got sweeter!

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