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5 inspirational pantry ideas

Are your cabinets stuffed with food packets and tins? Sort them out with these pantry organization ideas.


pantry ideas

Key steps

A handful of pantry organization ideas:

  • Rearrange your existing cabinets to make the most of the space.
  • Use dividers to sort out your drawers.
  • Add hooks underneath wall-mounted cabinets.
  • Organize your spices with a spice rack or magnetic tins.

Whether your pantry is a room of its own or just a corner of your kitchen, you can save space and time with a few pantry organization ideas. From general space-saving ideas to how to make a spice rack, here’s how to get the perfect pantry.

Dry foods like pasta come in bags that aren’t easy to store, so just pour them into stackable food storage containers. It’s one of the simplest pantry ideas out there, and one of the most effective.

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Pantry organization ideas: rearranging your cabinets

If your cupboards constantly seem to be overflowing, you might not need fancy pantry organization ideas to fix the problem. The space could already be there, it’s just not being used correctly. If you’re simply throwing food packets in as you buy them, they’re probably not stacked as efficiently as they could be. Set aside some time to take out the jumble and put it back more neatly, and you might be surprised by how much space you can make.

Small pantry ideas: drawer dividers

A simple way to organize your pantry is to use drawer dividers. You can buy these, or you can make them yourself. Wood’s sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, but cardboard’s a quick, cheap solution. Measure the drawer, cut one strip of firm cardboard to fit lengthwise across it and one to fit widthwise, notch the strips at the center and slot them together to form a cross shape. Put the cross in the bottom of the drawer and you’ve divided it into quarters.

Pantry cabinet ideas: hanging storage

With a little DIY, kitchen cabinets can offer more space than you think. Do you have any wall-mounted cabinets with unused space below them? Fix some hooks on the bottom of the cabinet (carefully measured and spaced so they look good), and suddenly you’ve got a new place to store mugs, pans or sieves.

Spice rack ideas: DIY spice rack

If your spices are all jumbled together and you can never find what you’re looking for, a spice rack is the perfect way to keep them organized. You can buy a rack, but a DIY spice rack can add a more personal touch to your kitchen.

You can make a spice rack by creating tiers in an existing space. Then you can line up your spices without the front ones blocking your view of the ones in the back. You could do this in a cupboard, or a niche in your kitchen wall. All you need are a few short, narrow planks of wood, cut to the right length to fit snugly into the space, and just wide enough to fit your spice jars. Fit them into the cupboard with higher tiers at the back, and let the sides of your cabinet become the sides of your spice rack.

DIY can be a messy business, so it’s a good idea to have something like Sunlight to hand when you’re looking into how to make a spice rack.

Spice rack ideas: magnetic spice collection

Why not do away with traditional spice rack ideas completely and get some magnetic spice tins? You can put your spices in these and arrange them on any metal surface in the kitchen, so long as they’re not too near any electronic devices that might be damaged by magnets.

Once you’ve finished playing around with pantry ideas, you’ll want to keep your cooking space clean. Check out our guide to cleaning and sanitizing kitchen tools and equipment.

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