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How to Remove Cigarette Odor from Clothes

Cigarette smoke can ruin freshly washed laundry – find out how to remove nasty smoke odors and make your clothes smell fresh and clean once again.


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how to remove cigarette odor from clothes

After a night out with friends, you might very well come home smelling of cigarette smoke – whether you are smoker or not. If for any reason this becomes a regular occurrence, or you, or a family member smokes, you’ll need to know how to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from clothes. There’s nothing more unappealing than the waft of cigarette smoke when meeting someone new. So, if first impressions count and you want to be judged on your personality, not your personal habits, follow our deodorizing tips below.

If you live in a smoky environment, avoid hanging laundry inside to dry as this may result in smells clinging to the fabric of your clothes.

Cigarette Smoke Removal – Practical Prevention

The best method for getting the smoke smell out of clothes is to prevent the problem happening in the first place! You should:

  • Avoid sitting in smoky rooms with little or no ventilation. Even if you’re not a smoker this can be damaging to your health as well as your clothes.
  • If you smoke, be sure to do so in a well-ventilated area. Empty ashtrays and open windows in your home regularly to minimize the impact of stale smoke in the air.
  • When smoking, position yourself so that smoke is drawn away from you. If you can, hold your cigarette at arms length.
  • Be aware that smoking damages the fine hairs on the inside of the nose, which means that others might be able to smell the smoke on you, even if you can’t!
  • Consider quitting smoking. Contact your local health clinic for further advice on how to change your smoking habit. Always follow your doctor’s advice.

Simple Methods for Removing Smoke Smell from Clothes

The best way to remove smoke odor from clothes is wash them!

  1. Be sure to check the care label on your garments before starting.
  2. Use a highly effective detergent with an added fresh fragrance, like Surf, to get your clothes looking and smelling clean. Always follow the instructions on the packaging.
  3. Wash similar colours and fabrics together, being careful not to overload the machine, so there’s plenty of room for clothes to move around in the drum.
  4. Consider soaking particularly smelly clothes in a detergent and water solution before you put them into the wash.
  5. Line dry your clothes outside to give them the maximum opportunity to air.

Finally, if you’re in any doubt about whether you’ve been able to effectively remove smoke smell from clothes – ask a close friend or family member. You can always mask residual smells with perfume or commercial laundry deodorizers before leaving the house.

  • Minimize your clothes’ exposure to smoke.
  • Wash your clothes regularly with a fragranced detergent like Surf Blossom Fresh.
  • Ask friends and family for feedback – if you’re a smoker, you might not be able to smell the odor on your clothes.
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