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Laundry Spending Hacks this Rainy Season

How to handle the rainy season and keep your clothes smelling fresh—without overspending!


Drying Clothes Indoors

Whenever tag-ulan or rainy season arrives, laundry is always a big challenge. In a country with humid air, clothes dried indoors tend to end up smelling bad or having that amoy kulob smell. Nevertheless, no need to go over budget with extra laundry tools.

There are affordable ways to help keep your clothes fresh and fragrant—even without the sun.

  1. Remove as much excess water from clothes as possible.

    Instead of using or buying a drier, this is a good way to ensure your clothes dry fast while preventing that kulob smell. You can either wring the clothes or use a large towel to remove the water. Do this as often as needed until there is hardly any water left on the clothes.

  2. Use an affordable but effective fabric conditioner.

    Fabric conditioners are a must during rainy season because they give your clothes fragrance and add a protective layer that helps prevent the kulob smell. It is best to choose a brand that has great effectivity, at an affordable price. We recommend Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh. It has odor block protection, para talbog ang amoy-kulob leaving your clothes fresh and with blooming bango—wais pa sa presyo!

  3. Take advantage of Rainy Day Sales.

    During the rainy season, a lot of online stores have sulit sales that only come once a year. Ensure you do your research and make the most out of these. You can buy your favorite laundry products at a lower price!

  4. Be prepared and proactive.

    In order to prevent rain from ruining your laundry routine and affecting your clothes, use all your available resources and plan ahead. Weather apps and the news forecast are some tools that can help.

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The rainy season may be a challenge, but with these tips you can help keep your clothes fresh and fragrant in the most budget-friendly way possible.

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