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how to recycle paper at home

Paper Recycling: How to Recycle Paper at Home

Trying to find out alternative methods of paper recycling? Check out our guide on how you can reuse and recycle paper from the comfort of your own home.

Did you know that every year, the average person uses 48 kilograms of paper? To put that in perspective, that’s almost the standard weight of a woman in the Philippines. If you don’t know how to recycle paper then you’ll be chucking out a lot of waste, which definitely isn’t good for the environment!

If you’re looking to get better at paper recycling and do your bit to secure a safe future for our planet, check out our tips and tricks.

How to Recycle Paper From Your Home

Learning how to recycle paper is a great way to do your bit for the world, and you can also  save on your own money by reusing it for useful purposes! Check out these easy ways of recycling paper that everyone can do:

  1. Recycle Paper for Compost

Old paper works brilliantly in composts, helping to create healthy soil that your plants will flourish in, and is a great idea for those looking for easy ways to recycle paper. If you don’t have a compost heap, just rip your paper up into little bits and pop it around your plants, helping to keep the soil damp and boost it with nutrients.


  1. Reuse Paper as Packaging

When recycling paper, why not use yours as packaging materials? Whether for putting items in storage, sending presents, or if it’s time to move home, reuse paper to wrap up fragile items, and scrunch it up to pop in the gaps in boxes to prevent damage.


  1. Instructions for Paper Recycling

Did you know there are ways to recycle paper into new materials from your own home?  It might seem like a bit of work, but it’s fun to do, will save you a lot of money, and is great for the environment.

What You’ll Need:

  • Picture frame – take the glass out first
  • A sheet of mesh to cover the picture frame
  • A bowl big enough to hold the picture frame
  • One sponge
  • One towel
  • Tape

Paper recycling instructions:

  • Create a screen by attaching the mesh to the picture frame using some tape.
  • Rip up the used paper into tiny pieces and add it to a bowl filled with warm water, stirring it together.
  • Create a smooth pulp from the mixture.
  • Get the picture frame screen and submerge it completely in the bowl, before taking it back out and placing it on the towel.
  • The screen will be covered in a layer of the pulp. Use the sponge to press the screen, removing any of the excess water.
  • Put the screen aside for a day or more, until it’s completely dry, before removing your new sheet of paper.

Once you know how, it’s easy to reuse paper by creating new sheets from the old stuff.

Learning how to recycle paper is something we should all be doing. Of course, you can also recycle it at local facilities, or – if you’re in an area where it’s offered – have a bin for recycling collection. To make this easier, try and only buy products that come in recyclable packaging, such as Surf detergents, which are all made with paper, cardboard and plastic that we can use again.

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Buy products that use reusable and recyclable packaging, such as all of Surf’s detergents, and you’ll find it much easier to reduce your waste!

Key Steps:

You can learn how to recycle paper at home, either through reusing it or turning it into new, clean sheets. Here’s what you can use when turning old paper into new sheets:

  • Old paper towels
  • Paper that’s marked with paint, dirt, or food
  • Baking paper
  • Wallpaper
  • Stickers, or other paper with glue on it