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Bathroom Decor Ideas

Whether you have a small bathroom space, or a larger one, adding some stylish bathroom décor ideas to it can have a huge impact. From simple accessorising ideas to paint and storage, making inspirational changes can take your bathroom from boring and drab to relaxing and refreshing in no time.


Bathroom Decor Ideas

We’ve chosen our top three ideas for bathroom décor that can be affordable and impactful in any bathroom space. You can choose to implement one idea or choose them all, depending on your budget and your time.

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Bathroom Décor Ideas

Mirrors & Light

When it comes to bathrooms, the lighter the space is, the bigger and airier it will feel. Here are some thoughts on adding mirrors and light as bathroom decoration ideas:

  • If you have an open wall, hang a mirror to make the room feel larger. Wood framed as well as black metal framed mirrors are very popular at the moment.

  • Install a new light fixture or change the bulb type for a more updated look. Have you got an old light fitting in your bathroom? Changing the fitting to a more modern look can make a huge difference. Even changing your light bulbs from fluorescent white to a warmer white can make the bathroom feel cosier.


Especially when decorating on a budget, changing up the accessories in a bathroom or adding some well-placed ones can make a difference to the space and modernise it. Check out our bathroom accessories ideas now:

  • Add some plants or flowers for a natural touch. Greenery can give a dull bathroom an inviting and modern feel.

  • Use colourful towels and accents to brighten up the space. Choose a new colour palette for your space and mix and match your towels and accessories to that. A new set of towels that accentuate a painting or picture you’ve chosen can bring cohesion to the space.

  • Replace the shower curtain and bathmat for a fresh look. If you’ve got an old mat and curtain, donate it now. Buy an updated shower curtain and bathmat that accentuates the colour palette you’ve chosen to update the space.

Paint & Storage

If the budget allows a new coat of paint, storage and shelving in a bathroom space can change a drab look completely. The rule of thumb for small bathrooms is to keep the paint colour light or neutral to make it look bigger, but if you have a bigger space you can play with darker shades of paint like navy blue and dark green that are very popular at the moment. If you already have storage or shelves, display your favourite accessories that match your colour palette on open shelves or in glass jars.

What Can I Put on Top of My Toilet?

Gone are the days of doilies and dollies on top of toilets – thank goodness for that, right? Accessorising your toilet is all about the type of space you have and how functional you need it to be.

  • If you need some storage space above your toilet, consider buying a wicker basket to pack toilet rolls and sprays into. It looks stylish and is a great space saver.

  • If you have a darker toilet space and a wall above your toilet, consider putting up a mirror to reflect light in and around the toilet area to lighten it up.

How Do I Accessorise a Bathroom?

The most effective way to accessorise a bathroom is to start by choosing a colour palette that you like and that works for your space. How about whites and shades of naturals with wood, or navy blue and yellow, or green and dusty pink? Deciding on a colour palette with at least two or three different shades in it, will enable you to choose accessories that work in your bathroom and that are useful for the space too.

What Decorations Go in a Bathroom?

Decorations in a bathroom can make it feel personal and homely. Be sure to consider all the decorations you want and decide whether or not they’re both beautiful and functional for the space. When it comes to bathroom wall décor ideas, here are our top tips:

  • Choose one main bathroom wall decoration, like a painting or pictures, to make the hero of the space. If you have too many wall hangings in one space it can look overcrowded.

  • Glass jars and wicker baskets make for great decoration pieces that can double as storage space too.

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1. What are some popular bathroom decor ideas?

There are a number of different bathroom decor ideas that can be used to create a unique and personalized space. Some popular ideas include using decorative towels, adding plants or flowers, choosing a stylish bath mat, and installing interesting artwork or wall hangings. It's important to personalize your bathroom decor in order to make it feel like your own space

2. What colours are best for a bathroom?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best colours for your bathroom. First, you'll want to decide if you want a light or dark colour scheme. Light colours can make the space feel more open and airier, while dark colours can give the room a cosy and intimate feeling. If you're going with a light colour scheme, white is always a popular choice for bathrooms. You could also try pale shades of blue, green, or pink. For a darker colour scheme, try rich hues like burgundy, navy blue, or forest green.

3. How can you add personality to your bathroom?

There are many ways to add personality to your bathroom. A few ideas include: Painting the walls in a bright colour, Adding colourful wallpaper or borders, Putting up decorative wall art or murals, Installing a tile or marble backsplash, Hanging a chandelier or other type of light fixture, Using brightly coloured bath mats and towels, Displaying plants or flowers in pots or vases

4. How often do you update your bathroom décor?

There's no set time frame for updating bathroom décor, it all depends on your personal style and taste. However, if you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few bathroom decor ideas that might help breathe new life into your space: Opt for a stylish but functional shower curtain. A printed or patterned fabric shower curtain can add personality to the room, while still being practical. Paint the walls a fresh colour. A new coat of paint is always an easy way to update your bathroom décor.

5. How do you make a small bathroom feel bigger?

One way to make a small bathroom feel bigger is to decorate it with bright colours and/or patterns. Painting the walls and/or ceiling in a bright colour or adding a colourful or patterned wallpaper will make the room feel more spacious. Another way to make the room feel bigger is to use lighter-coloured tiles or flooring. And finally, you can also add mirrors to reflect lighter and space into the room.

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