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Cleaning with vinegar: how to clean your bathroom

The benefits of vinegar are endless and it's highly effective for cleaning bathrooms too. Here are a few tips on vinegar uses in the home.


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Cleaning with Vinegar

There are many ways that you can use concentrated vinegar around your home but how do you know when vinegar is the best product for the job? These are the areas that you can use vinegar as an alternative to cleaning products in your bathroom

While there are many uses for vinegar, no product is 100% safe, which is why a quick spot test on any surface is always best

Using Vinegar to Clean Your Bathroom

One of the main benefits of vinegar is that it’s non-toxic and can be used for small jobs that don’t necessarily require cleaning products or in a situation where you’re trying to make your house more eco-friendly, especially for your children. It’s still a good idea, however, to wear gloves when cleaning with vinegar and to keep the room well ventilated.

Here are just a few ways that you can use vinegar to keep your bathroom spotless:

  • How to Clean bathroom tiles with vinegar

Clean your bathroom tiles with a microfiber cloth and a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. This can also be used to clean countertops and cabinets. This vinegar mixture is great if you’re trying it as a cleaning product for the first time.

  • How to Remove Odours Using Vinegar

If you’ve got an unpleasant smell in your bathroom that you simply can’t get rid of, leave a bowl of concentrated vinegar in the room overnight.

  • Vinegar Bathroom Cleaning Recipe

Mix 240ml of vinegar with 2.8 litres of water to clean the floor around your bathroom drain. If you’re planning to mop your bathroom floors, use it then. This solution can only be used on no-wax floors.

  • A Vinegar Solution for those Finishing Touches

There’s a little soap scum and grime to be found in every bathroom but vinegar can get your taps sparking again. Mix up 1 part salt and 4 parts vinegar and scrub those grimy spots with a cloth.

This guide should give you a good idea of where you can use vinegar as an alternative cleaning product in your bathrooms, making your home a more eco-friendly space.

Vinegar Safety Tip

Never combine vinegar with bleach! Mixing these two liquids together forms chlorine gas, which is highly toxic. So, it’s best to use bleaches such as Domestos and stay far away from your vinegar mixes.

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