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DIY small bathroom décor ideas: decorating on a budget

Are you looking for DIY small bathroom décor ideas? Read this article for some handy hints and tips.


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DIY small bathroom décor ideas: decorating on a budget

Bathroom décor ideas are all over the internet, but how do you choose the ones that are right for you? Maybe you're wondering how to decorate a small bathroom with accessories or looking for creative small bathroom storage ideas. In this article, we give some key pointers on the important underlying principles when it comes to how to decorate a small bathroom from scratch and without blowing the bank. 

Choose your colours wisely: tasteful hues cost little but make all the difference! If you opt for materials that are easy to clean and use a powerful cleaner, like Handy Andy, your bathroom will look spotless every day.

Choose a theme

First off, when it comes to DIY small bathroom décor ideas, many people like to begin with a theme. This could be something traditional for a washroom setting, like sailing or the beach, or maybe go for something more modern such as making it a bit of domestic jungle.

Whatever you choose, the key when it comes to bathroom décor ideas for small bathrooms is to use your theme as an underlying principle without going for it too much. Keep things subtle and classy, as especially in a limited area it's very easy to overwhelm. Luckily a bit of restraint also makes it easy on your wallet!

Make sure to maximise storage

Of course, like any small room, it's important to think of storage when you're decorating. There are lots of good small bathroom storage ideas, but some of the most common is adding shelving that reaches up to the ceiling to give even a small space a real sense of height.

If you're looking for very small bathroom storage ideas, try fitting cupboards above head height. While those of us vertically challenged might not be a fan of storing things up high, when it comes to DIY bathroom storage ideas for small bathrooms this works perfectly because (unlike, for example, in a kitchen) most of the stuff you're storing won't be needed on a regular basis. It's less of a hassle to get out the footstool every now and then.

Choose your colour scheme carefully

Colours are incredibly important in a small space as they can really lift the mood. When you don't have much space to work with it's generally advised to go with lighter shades, as this can make space feel light and airy. In a bathroom this can be a bit tricky as paler colours tend to show up dirt more easily, so factor into your choice how likely things are to stay clean or at least have an effective bathroom cleaner to hand, like Handy Andy.

Those are our top tips when it comes to DIY small bathroom storage ideas and how to decorate in a limited space or with limited funds. Needing storage, not having loads of cash and having little room can sometimes feel like insurmountable problems. See them as challenges to your creativity and look for fun and unusual ways to get your bathroom exactly how you want it!

  • Plan ahead – brainstorm colours, materials and themes.

  • Incorporate storage space in your design; handy even in the smallest of spaces.

  • Balance lighter colours with darker areas that show up stains less easily.

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