How to keep a toilet clean without touching it: 4 tips for lazy cleaners

Go hands-free – keep your distance from any nasty germs lurking in and around your toilet.

Updated May 23, 2019


If your toilet looks like it’s in need of a good scrub, but you’d rather not touch it in the process (we can’t say we blame you), don’t despair – there are plenty of products which allow you to keep your distance from any nasty germs lurking in and around your toilet.

Keeping a toilet clean can be a hands-free job. Read on to discover how to clean your toilet without touching it, and how to keep a toilet clean much longer.

Hooking a toilet block over the rim, making sure it’s underneath the water flow. Domestos Power 5 Rimblock is perfect for lazy cleaners – all you have to do is flush your way to a lovely clean toilet.

The hands-free guide to keeping a toilet clean

The thought of coming into contact with bathroom germs, particularly those which live in your toilet, isn’t appealing in the slightest way or form. Here are our top 4 tips about how to clean your toilet without touching it!

1. How to clean a toilet bowl

The best (and sneakiest) way to clean a toilet hands-free is to use toilet blocks. Regular rim blocks keep the toilet clean and smelling fresh for longer with every flush. Alternatively, you can opt for fancier toilet blocks like Domestos Power 5 Rimblock, which is loaded with 5 powerful product benefits such as rich foam, limescale prevention, long-lasting fragrance, dirt removal to leave your toilet shiny!

2. Getting under the rim

If you’re having trouble cleaning around the rim of your toilet, toilet gels often have a multi-jet nozzle which helps you hit those hard to reach places. Wondering how to keep a toilet clean much longer? Some gels also prevent tough dirt from building up by forming a ‘gel shield’.

3. Bleach, glorious bleach

For more hands-free germ busting action, Domestos bleach is a great way to keep your bathroom clean. Simply squeeze around your toilet bowl and under the rim, leave to work its magic, then flush. Leave bleach in the toilet bowl for at least a few hours, or overnight for an extra thorough clean.

4. From the lid to the base: how to keep a toilet clean

Rather than using cleaning spray and a cloth, use rubber gloves and disposable toilet wipes which can go straight in the bin after a single use. While we admit it’s not totally hands-free, teaming toilet wipes with rubber gloves is the most hygienic way to clean a toilet seat – and the lid, base, handle and outside of the cistern.

So there you have it – how to keep a bathroom clean without actually having to touch your toilet!

Originally published October 19, 2018