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Giving Your Clothes A Touch Of Comfort

Find out how Comfort fabric softener cares for your clothes.


Giving Your Clothes A Touch Of Comfort

Laundry is a chore, but it doesn't have to feel like it. Unilever products make doing laundry easier and more effective, and with our Comfort fabric softeners, clothes feel, look and smell great. Imbued with Encapsulated Fragrance Technology, it keeps your clothes fresh for longer.

What Is The Difference Between Fabric Softener and Fabric Conditioner?

Interestingly, there is absolutely no difference between a fabric softener and a fabric conditioner; these two phrases are synonyms. They both refer to a fantastic product that softens and freshens your fabric, leaving you with a long-lasting fragrance.

These are all things that the Unilever Comfort fabric softener does. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s available in 7 luxurious fragrances. The three most recent variants are Heavenly Nectar, Divine Petals, and Lily.

Inspired by the latest fragrance trends, this range was crafted by some of the best perfume experts. While it provides all the benefits offered by the previous range, its perfume game is on another level.

Why You Should Use Fabric Conditioners?

While it is tempting to wash your clothes with detergent, rinse them, and call it a day, fabric softeners play an important role in laundry care. Aside from softening and freshening your garments, here are other things Comfort fabric softener does:

  • It helps clothes retain their shape and colour

  • It makes clothes easier to iron

  • It reduces wear and tear by reducing friction during washes

With all these advantages, it is not surprising that the global fabric softener market is expected to see tremendous growth, with South Africa being one of its key market segments.

Why You Should Use Unilever’s Comfort Fabric Softener?

It's simple; we are always ahead of the curve. Unilever has been a key player in the global and South African fabric softener market for years. Furthermore, we are very keen on sustainability and are carefully integrating it into Comfort products.

For instance, by ensuring that our fabric softener is highly concentrated, we reduced the size of its packaging; this is just one of Unilever's efforts to contribute to a world with a little less plastic. Plus, the bottle is 100% recyclable!

We care about your clothes and the planet. That’s why you should use Comfort products.

What Makes Comfort Concentrate So Effective?

The thing that makes Comfort concentrate stand out is its Encapsulated Fragrance Technology. This feature gives micro-sized fragrance capsules the power to penetrate your fabric while you wash it.

Afterwards, they burst, releasing surges of freshness. Ultimately, this ensures your clothes remain soft and fresh for a long time.

How To Use Comfort Fabric Softener?

If there is one thing you should know about Unilever Home Care products, they are effortless to use. After washing your clothes, you soak them for 5 minutes in a bucket of water mixed with ½ cap of the fabric conditioner. This step gives your clothes enough time to absorb the softener in before they need to be hanged.

And if you're using a front load washing machine, pour a cap of the conditioner in the additives slot before you start the wash cycle. For a top-load machine, you'll have to pour some Comfort in the washtub during your last rinse cycle.

No matter what washing means you use, though, one thing's for sure; your clothes will never experience luxury like Comfort.

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