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Luxury Closet Storage for Your Unique Pieces

Organising your home and your wardrobe is all the rage right now with many shows and series on our favourite TV channels being dedicated to getting organised and decluttering our spaces.


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Luxury Closet Storage for Your Unique Pieces

When it comes to your closet or wardrobe, keeping your unique pieces, as well as your everyday items well-stored and neatly stacked, can help to streamline and improve not only your life but your mind too. They say a clutter-free home is the sign of a clutter-free mind, so here are our top tips for creating ideal closet storage solutions for your luxury pieces as well as your everyday essentials.

Unique Pieces That Deserve Careful Treatment

For unique pieces of fashion and clothing like ballgowns, handbags, boots, and jewellery, keeping these luxury items well-stored is essential to their longevity.

  • For long dresses, ballgowns, and suits, always make sure to store them in a cotton or fabric hanger bag and not in a plastic one. Mould and dampness can set in when storing these items in plastic. Always hang these items and never store them folded.

  • Handbags can make amazing fashion statements in a wardrobe, but they can also be massive space-takers and cause quite a bit of clutter. Choose two or three handbags to showcase as fashion pieces and keep them on your closet shelving to show off. Then store the rest away. A great way to store handbags while saving space is to store smaller bags inside of larger ones.

  • Hang your jewellery and luxury watches in display cabinets to showcase them too. Or use drawer space and closet organisers to keep your jewellery from tangling together.

Drawers Get Rid of Clutter

Drawers are a great wardrobe solution storage that can be used to store everything from jewellery and shoes to socks and undies too. Be clever with your drawers and invest in some drawer dividers or space savers to keep your items from getting mixed up and looking messy.

How to Keep Your Closet Clean?

Cleaning out your closet twice a year is a great way to keep the clutter from mounting. When you go through your clothes and luxury items every winter and every summer, you give yourself a chance to separate the items that bring you joy from the items you can’t even remember last wearing.

Consider donating all your unwanted clothing after a good wash with Skip laundry detergent and items to underprivileged families or stores like the Salvation Army and Hospice.

Closet Shelving Tips

When it comes to closet solutions for shelving, we recommend investing in ready-made shelving solutions like wicker baskets, plastic bins, or other gorgeous storage solutions. When you use these kinds of design options, not only do they help to keep your items and clothing neat and clutter-free, but they can also make your wardrobe look really gorgeous.

For more storage and clothing care tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

Frequently asked questions on Luxury Closet Storage

How to Organise Your Closet with Luxury Pieces?

Take a few of your luxury pieces that you particularly love or are special to you and showcase them in your room. Make them a ‘wow’ point in your wardrobe and show them off. Store the other luxury items you have neatly in drawers or hanging space.

How do you Organise Clothes in the Closet by Category?

Some planners suggest organising your clothing by season, others by colour, others by type. The choice is yours and really depends on how much wardrobe space you have.

Is it Better to Organise a Closet by Colour or Style?

Both organising options can look great and work really well. It does often make things quicker and easier when you organise your items by style i.e., jerseys together, shirts together, pants together.

Should I Hang or Fold Luxury Clothes?

For luxury items like suits and dresses, we recommend hanging the clothing to keep them from creasing and stretching over time. Make sure you keep them in a dry cotton or fabric bag for extra protection too.

Is it OK to Store Luxury Clothes in Garment Bags?

Absolutely. We just recommend not storing them in plastic bags. As we mentioned, this could lead to mould growing on the clothing especially if the cupboard becomes hot and moist.

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